We were on a roadtrip earlier this week that I promised you to tell you more about. We were heading out to Värmdö and Bullandö, which is just outside Värmdö, about 40 km outside Stockholm City, the capital of Sweden.

The Google map below shows the road out there. (Tips: Click the + sign to zoom in, you can also drag the map in any direction by clicking it+holding in your mouse button and drag it – or click the “Sat” to the right to switch to the Satellite to see how it looks in real life!)

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As you can see Stockholm is surrounded by the Baltic Sea to the right, where we were heading, but also has a lake to the left, Mälaren with locks in the city to separate them.

There is reasons for why Stockholm is called the Northern Venice and also the city between the bridges. Stockholm is built upon 14 islands which is combined by at least 55 bridges!!!

Besides all the water surrounding Stockholm, there is also quite a lot green areas, partly it can give real countryside feelings. We don’t have to drive for long before we can enjoy the wonderful nature, parks, forests, lakes, meadows, horses and sometimes even cattle’s or sheep’s.



We did a stop on the way to Bullandö Marina, we were exploring the island a bit and came close to the water in another direction than the marina is, so we stopped for a while and went down to the tiny beach we found. Just to relax and dip our toes in the Sea.


We sat there for a while before we were heading for the goal of our excursion: the Bullandö Marina and Krog (restaurant). I tell you, It doesn’t show in my photos, but I’ve never seen so many masts at one spot in my whole life, this is a lot of boats for such a small Marina. The photo below is just one small part of it!


I must say at just this day, it would have been very nice to take a boat trip out in the Stockholm archipelago – after all there is about 14,000 islands or skerries to explore. Anyone that wanna join me on my mini yacht…? *giggles*


Now to the most important though, we did come here to enjoy the nice summer weather yes, but also to eat something at the Bullandö Krog (restaurant). Mr Lifecruiser remembered from his earlier boat life that they had an excellent restaurant out here. It isn’t much other things to see or do – except enjoying the beautiful nature.

They have a sunny terrace or more like a porch at the seaside where we could sit down and listen to all the pinging and whining from all the boat masts. Since it were quite windy there were almost like a concert ;-)


The staff were nice, polite and attentive and even had humor, so we were in good hands. As an aperitif I started out with a glass of my beloved giggle water: Champagne – cheers!


To go with the Champagne, as a starter, I ordered fresh Smögen shrimps with Västerbotten (cheese) creame and Rhode Island and toasts, but as usual I totally forgot to take photos of it and – gulp – it were gone in the monster stomach! *giggles*

Even their chief were good we could notice after starting eating our ordered meals. The first one was my own delicious choice, not the cheapest, SEK 265 ($42 or 27 Euro).

Ovenbaked Turbot Fillet with Gotlandic Asparagus
& smoked salmon with herb Hollandaise sauce

Fresh potatoes with trout roe to go with the Turbot Fillet

To go with this mouthwatering meal I decided to drink a Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough New Zealand: Gordo & Morris, which I must say where really good. Price per bottle SEK 395 ($63 or 41 Euro, glass SEK 99 ($15 or 10 Euro).

What I liked with this restaurant where that there were a lot of choices, both for different tastes, but also for different wallets. Mr Lifecruiser did choose “Todays meal” for only SEK 75 ($12 or 7 Euro).

Ham steak with fried potatoes and brown sauce

My sister Susan did another choice, a meal considered being a popular old fashioned plain Swedish food.

Fried Baltic Herring and mashed potatoes

We stayed there for quite a while. I tell you, this was one of those days when you’re having such a great time, enjoying every minute of it. Ahhh, sometimes life really smiles at you! Of course, it’s not every day that I eat such great (or expensive!) meal either :-P

After that we for once even ordered desserts, we have a habit of skipping them nowadays, have to think of the figure and to be able to wear bikini in the summer.

So we had two types of desserts, mine was the first one below and I must admit that I’m a bit picky gourmet when it comes to edible things as you can see of my choices…

Parfait of Mango with warm chocolate pastery and
caramelized banana served with lime sauce

Vanilla icecream with sweetened fresh strawberries

Of course I did take a lot of photos that day and as usual I throw away most of them, but there were 31 photos from Bullandö which is worth looking at, so check in:

Lifecruisers slideshow of Bullando

Especially if you wanna see more of the marina, paintings and I even spotted an old well pump – not to mention the menu close up!

Lifecruiser Bullandö


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    Welcome on a roadtrip to Bullando « Cyber Cruisers said:

    [...] Check it: Stockholm road trip to Bullando [...]

    Caledonia said:

    Looks heavenly! Do you get weird looks when you start taking photos of your food?

    Caledonias last blog post..Dunvegan Castle


    Sounds like you had a wonderful road trip!! The food looks good and the bubbly delicious! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!! :wink:

    YellowRoses last blog post..Photo Hunt – “Emotion”

    Maribeth said:

    Oh what fun and the food looks wonderful!

    Maribeths last blog post..Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt

    Kuanyin said:

    Breaking my rule by commenting here before posting, but your food and drink lured me in! Yum! Now you’ve made me so hungry, I wish I could teleport there, but will settle for my simple breakfast of coffee and mangoes here. :roll:

    Kuanyins last blog post..Karma-Schmarma

    aithne said:

    Whooo hooo! I got to visit!

    I am sooooooooo hungry now.

    And you have a beautiful blog here! :smile:

    Ling said:

    Food photos look heavenly. Especially the ham steak with fried potatoes and sauce. That plate looks so small, I could probably swallow the whole thing in one go. :)

    Lings last blog post..Six Flags Baby Camel Winning Hearts & Minds

    A. said:

    Flickr doesn’t want me to see your photos :(

    But nevertheless it all looks absolutely wonderful! One of these days I really must try to get to Sweden. It looks the most beautiful contry!

    A.s last blog post..PhotoHunter: emotion

    Chemnitzblog said:

    Wow, what wonderful landscape you have in Sweden. I absolutely have to make some round trip there in future! And the food looks very tasty too :razz:
    Best greetings from Chemnitz / Germany

    Chemnitzblogs last blog post..Biereis am Stiel

    RennyBA said:

    What a wonderful round trip and so well documented by these lovely pictures. Again I’m sorry to say: I’ve never been there, so hopefully one day we can find the way and time to visit!

    Watching this lovely food and drinks (such a great taste for champagne!!) my mouth is watering – the serving looks so creative too!

    All the rest of the pics looks beautiful too – great to see you really got the summer feeling in Sweden too!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Kirkenes, Norway’s gateway to Northern Russia and the Barents region

    Shantanu said:

    The small plates look (and sound) delicious! Especially the potatoes with trout roe. Looks like you had fun!

    Shantanus last blog post..Bringing in the Monsoon at Goa

    claudie said:

    Ha! Ha! I’m glad when the cybercruise season2 starts again!!!!
    Bravo! This Roadtrip to Bullando was fantastical! I really think it must be super to visit all these islands around Stokholm! I’m very impresse! You know I love this Laurent-Perrier water too!
    Must be so nice to walk around this tiny marina full of boats!
    As it is 11:10 am, I’am very hungry watching this somptueux meal!!! The desserts look like delicious! Sweet!
    yesterday night we were in a nice party! I’m still full of the magical water!

    claudies last blog post..Virginity and the wedding in France!

    Gattina said:

    I would love to discover all these little islands ! What a nice excursion you have done ! We always go very far to see nice things and sometimes it’s so near ! There are a lot of boats indeed ! I can only compare to Gran Canaria I guess, there were also so many boats you hardly could see the water !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Aiyana said:

    What a life!

    Aiyanas last blog post..In The Red For Green Thumb Sunday

    TorAa said:

    Excuse me for writing in Norwegian (my mind for the time beeing)

    Hvor herlig. Skulle så gjerne vært med dere på en dag som denne.
    Det går langsomt bedre med oss. Et lite steg ad gangen.

    Men glem ikke 20 september.

    I mellomtiden er Anna i Hong Kong hos Ingelin og jeg i Michigan hos Mats. Så vi har nok å tenke på og se frem til. Inkl en tur til Mariestad – Renny og Diane.

    But, you know, it’s hard to be proactive – these days.

    Anna and Tor

    TorAas last blog post..From Tropical Days to Green Winter in one Week

    shalimar said:

    hello cruiser family,
    thank you for dropping by my blog
    I am a resident of Athens Greece if my life is not cruising here in Florida.

    I have been to Stockholm 2 times and I love your country very much.
    Oh I can eat herring….

    shalimars last blog post..don’t we love birthday cakes?


    I was sold at the marina. Now that is a familiar sight for me. Beautiful and the food looked heavenly. What a fun trip. Have a great day Captain. Big hug. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Words? Not Necessary…

    Mar said:

    Oh, Captain, what a wonderful roadtrip and perfect meal! The bubbles look great too :)
    Beautiful sightseeing and sunny weather, delightful!

    Mars last blog post..weekend snapshot

    diani said:

    oww…. nice photos Captain. And the Ham Steak looks sooo delicious :)

    dianis last blog post..How Much Money Can I Make from Articles?

    Sofie said:

    Hello Lifecruiser!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s nice to know someone from Sweden. We have been in Sweden in 2005 and we surely enjoyed our road trip. It’s always great to be reminded of Sweden although we have not been to the place that you just mentioned. Golf is great in Sweden, we thought of going back there last year but we chose Ireland instead, for a change. :) But we will go back there someday.

    Hmm, last Saturday, I had vanilla ice cream with strawberries. Yummy!

    Toni said:

    lovely pictures. I looked at the flickr photos. that must have been a wonderful trip, how i envy you.. oh and the food looks very yummy too.

    Tonis last blog post..More about red currants

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