There has been a heatwave around Europe and so also in Stockholm. An Indian summer. Today was the last day the say, so we took a roadtrip to Ulriksdals Palace in Solna, Stockholm.

Stockholm: Ulriksdal bumble and bee close up, Sweden

I succeeded to catch a double bee in one photo: a bumblebee and an ordinary bee in the same flower getting themselves some nectar.

We had a nice walk around the park – which is dated back to the second half of the 17th century. You can see a glimpse of the Ulriksdal Palace in the background.

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    expatraveler said:

    How beautiful and lucky! Maybe even double lucky to have Indian summer weather. Today on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in Victoria we have grey skies and possible rain to come. Just an ordinary Autumn Day. But hopefully I’ll be posting photos soon of our great summer visit to California from September.

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