One of the Byzantium Horses in bronze, a copy of The Horses of Saint Mark (in Venice) at Blasieholmen in Stockholm, Sweden, made 1989 by the Swedish artist Sievert Lindblom.

Stockholm: bronze-horse sculpture, Blasieholmstorg

Sievert Lindblom who made the bronze sculptures is famous for his historical connections between ancient and modern times in his decorations assignments.

Blasieholmen is one of the islands of Stockholm. It is connected with the islets of Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen by bridges.

The original four horses in Venice, once even were taken in 1797 by Napoleon to Paris as a war booty. In 1807 he crowned the L Arc du Carrousel at Louvren with them. When he were defeated in 1811 the horses were returned to the Venetians. The ones in Paris today is copies created in 1827.

The connection here in Stockholm is that the artist did choose horses since the time era when Blasieholmen were the place for the Swedish Royals Stables.

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