Elf stuck in the butt

Well, seems like we’re not the only one that was stuck in the butt hah? *lol*

We did get out yesterday to do some xmas shopping. We didn’t get the gifts we were out to buy though. I guess it’s at least one step forward. Or maybe it’s just because that we wanted to drink whisky one more day…? *lol*

Butt we did get other good stuff for ourselves. 2 electric toothbrushes, one new mobile phone for Mr L and 2 wireless home phones. So now we can smile white sparkling while talking in the phone.

If we could keep the phones. We discovered that the wireless phones were not two separate ones, but on the same base station. That was not what we needed, since we have two phonenumbers now when we got IP telephony.

So now we have to go back there to change them and go on our supposed xmas gifts hunt today too. Phew. Butt we’re up early, so maybe we have a chance to get out there before all the maniacs is out there too.

We use to say that luckily we have one brain together. Not. We’ve done this a lot lately. Gone out shopping and then returned it again. Remember the wooden blinds? We actually bought them 3 times! The record were one of the blinds, we returned it after half an hour!

It gets kind of tiresome to shop the same thing several times… Not to mention that we go out to shop something and always end up with everything butt that thing we went out for in the first place. Ever happened to you too?

I don’t want to go out. I’m not feeling well at all. I have some problems with my bowel (or maybe the gall bladder) that I don’t know what it is. Some kind of infection or inflammation, because my back pain medicine seem to work. We’ll see where it leads…

So I’m stuck in the butt in more than one meaning…

UPDATE: Guess what? We must go back tomorrow to exchange the new phones once again! It’s the third time…. It’s just not true…. What’s wrong this time? There is no light in the display and very bad numbers, so we don’t see what it say! And I’m not even wearing glasses, my vision is good, but that display is bad. Bad bad bad phone.

Man are we getting slim after all this exercises…. Phew!

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    Yes, that happens to me when I go to Costco I come back with tons of stuff that I hadn’t planned on buying! My hubby says I’m banned from Costco, and to be honest, I kind of ban myself because I know I can’t control myself when I get in there.

    Today is my shopping day too so I’d better get my BUTT in gear.

    Speaking of BUTT, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Maybe you’d better lay of the whiskey for a day. If it doesn’t help, go back on it! LMAO.

    Speaking of whiskey, thank you so much for the crate of Tullamore Dew in me Christmas Stocking. I am well stocked (hee!) for the holidaze now.

    Speaking of holiDAZE, I will pretty much be in one if I drink all that whiskey!

    Sláinte LC!


    Lifecruiser: Your welcome ICL. Lovely holiDAZE… Yes, I can be like that too. I’m an expert sometimes… People often wonder where I find things. I guess I have shopping radar… *lol*

    Marie SWEDEN said:

    I loathe shopping and can only be convinced to go if I’m bribed. Neat trick, uh? :)

    I really feel for you having to do the shopping thing all over again - most disheartening for you.

    Luckily I haven’t too much to do shopping wise as I put my foot down a couple of years ago when we got caught in a snowstorm in Sundyberg buying some obscure item on one of the kids’ Christmas list. “If you can’t buy it in Nynäshamn”, I declared, “you aren’t getting it!” Actually I’m not quite that strict, but it saves the long journeys into crowded malls, especially when I also have to smuggle the dog in past the security guards…

    I hope you feel better soon. It’s a real pain in the butt to be ill at this time of the year. Keep warm, drink whisky and try and think of a good julrim for those edible candy g-strings that I just know you are tempted to buy for granny.

    Lifecruiser: We’ve started to be smart too, not buying so many xmas gifts, but the ones we do takes time… special ones that we want to choose properly. We try to stay away from the city center if possible. We’ll see if we succeed or we have to go in here. It looks like we might manage without. Phew!

    My bowel is living it’s own life at the moment and I hope to get by with my back medicine during the holidays. Then I have to visit a better doctor that actually listen to me…. and do something!

    OH, I just love that thought of the edible G-string!!! Ha ha aha….

    mar SPAIN said:

    Hope you feel better already… today was my fun morning - b’fast at the gym and then brunch with other ladies, fun, fun tuesday morning but I got nothing else done…

    Lifecruiser: THAT sounded like much more fun!!!! Keep it going girl!

    Froggie CANADA said:

    Love the cartoon! Been enjoying your little Christmas cartoons when you post them. :)

    I hate Christmas shopping. I find the crowds rude and aggressive…. and the traffic extremely frightful. I’m sorry to hear that you ahve to go again.

    Hopeing you feel better soon. It sucks to be ill during the Christmas rush.

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad that you enjoy them, Froggie :-) Yes, I hope that too. It’s not particularly good timing of me to feel sick now….

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Poor girl ! This year I am lucky, I don’t have to do anything, thursday we are leaving for 2 weeks in Egypt. Then we can do our shopping there.
    If you want to see the big Christmas tree (from Finland) which stands in Brussels on the “Grand’ Place”, it’s on my photoblog.


    Seriously, I wish that you get a marvelous time there and come back refreshed and relaxed!!!!

    I’ll pop over to have a look at the tree now!


    Butt all that shopping and returning is good practice. For something..

    Lifecruiser: Maybe that’s our workout nowadays since we’re not doing anything else…. Ooops, does this means that we have to go out shopping in work out clothes now? Man, were so pleased to go naked, I mean stagger…. *lol*

    Marie SWEDEN said:

    I saw those candy g-strings in a shop in Drottninggatan, but you can also get them at Teknikmagasinet for 99kr (look under Vuxenleksaker). There is a matching BH as well. Granny WILL be pleased!

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha, I thought you mean YOUR granny! I don’t have any! That was my ex’s granny I talked about in my comment at your place before. Ha ha. How fun.

    Thanks for the tip. It might come in handy in some other situation instead! If not for chritstmas, maybe some other time! I love the idea…

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    LC… did you NOT check out the number displays BEFORE buying the phone??? ROFL! Well… mOre exercise is never a bad thing! HAPPY SHOPPING! Happy Whiskey!

    Lifecruiser: We couldn’t check them before, they wouldn’t let us do that. Strange I think, don’t they want happy customers? Now they got extra work. Cheers Melli :-)

    TorAa UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Great cartoon. And what a struggle to buy IP phones. Don’t you have any advice from the shop-personel? (Or don’t you have anything else to do before xMas?.LOL:)
    My wife did her gift-shopping in Mariestad, when we where there with RennyBA.
    And the rest we will do Thursday - I believe.
    Finally, keep your butt fresh;-)

    Lifecruiser: Wekk, the personnel seems to be more interested to just sell anything, not to get pleased customers… *lol* We’ll do the rest of our shopping Thursday too. Ha ha…. I’m trying, I’m trying but it’s not that easy - this butt seems to have a lot of shit to dump! *ROLMAO*

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    I really try not to let that happen too often but you can’t help it when what you buy is defective. Third time on the phones is not your fault! Butt I am bad about getting the wrong size for my self when buying jeans. I never want to try them on and it is the size I wear but they never fit my butt right when I get them home and then I have to exchange them!

    As for the Christmas crowds they are out there and they make me nervous. Hubby and I went out Sunday to pick up and item we saw on sale and I could swear people were being dropped off by bus loads. So glad we are done with the shopping, now all we have to do is make the drive from GA to NY next week! I am hoping for snow once we get there!

    Lifecruiser: It really wasn’t our fault because we weren’t allowed to test the phone in the store. Bad of them I think.

    OH, how brave aren’t you - or you maybe want all that exchange-exercise… I’ll try EVERY DAMN PAIR of jeans they have in EVERY store and still often comes out empty handed - i must have an alien body or something :-(

    For your sake I hope you get the wanted snow. We have been warned - there will be a very warm Christmas day over here.

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