“I know two persons that fell in Love because the man was dropping a chewing gum in the womans hair”.

[ Laura, 8 year ]

No – that was not us!!! How ever sticky love is suitable on our love, because we are stuck with it until death do us apart :-)

Sticky LoveOur thoughts from the beginning of this blog was to write something about Love too. It has been many fun things to choose between, so it has not been much of the Love stuff here – but in real life ;-)

Later we are going to tell you how Mr & Mrs Lifecruiser met each other and fell in Love – but you have to wait and really be longing to read that one… *teasing you a bit*

In the meantime there going to be a quote now and then instead. The quotes is cut from a book written by Grethe Dirckinck-Holmfeld from Denmark, “Kids thoughts about Love”, created from her interviews of Danish children age 6-10.

(We are just throwing this in, prepared in advance, too busy right now to write, but we will be back soon again!)

5 Comments on “Sticky Love”

    Jeff said:

    You guyz seriously confuse the F outta me… What are Danish children? That is very awkward… since when do donuts… never mind… U are both going to send me pics of yourselves so i can know who te fork i’ve been chatting with… cuzz u confuse me.

    Lifecruiser said:

    We did warn that we are totally crazy!!!!

    There going to be some pics of us later, but you even have pics of us already, in medevial clothes in an earlier post here!

    Cheerioooooooo lad :-)

    Mandy said:

    Kids are just soo funny, the things they come out with. I remember my little nephew when he was just 3 years old shouting out to a couple of girls walking past his pushchair “Hi girls” and winked lol

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    I don’t get it! Danish children… kids that are born in Denmark….. Did you know that something is rutten in Denmark..and that Sweden stinks….*lol*… I lost something and I don’t know I can’t find it..BUT..I do know how You guys met each other…..

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, from children you can hear the absolute truth! Not always so funny to hear but…

    And you do not say anything Miss Ass. or we are going to punish you for telling ;-)

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