Have you noticed how stand up paddle (SUP) surfing has been increasing lately? No? Take a look again at popular surf spots and you will notice that there are several of them. And no wonder, since it’s both fun surfing and such an excellent way of doing your fitness training at the same time.

SUP, Stand Up Paddle Surfer
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Of course, you will still need a great surfboard and some other necessary accessories, but I believe it’s all in the mind. If you are really determent to succeed and have your mind seet to it, you can make it. It may take you some time, but you will get there if you really want to.

For the beginner, it may be much easier than the regular, oldfashioned way of surfing. Having a paddle to help you out, is more easy. You can start out with flat water SUP and river surf – and of course, there are also good trainers to take lessons from, always invaluable to get a shortcut to the secrets of the sport.

Maybe you will even become a legendary SUP surfer, who knows…? Practise is what makes the skills go beyond imagination…

It’s also a very good reason to travel to other, more surf-friendly places all over the world. Having an interest like surfing, there are numerous places to try out for surfing around the world. You can do it everywhere!

Even here in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, there are some different places where you can rent SUP boards and Stockholm SUP Club lists several events for 2013, the first this upcoming weekend actually, so if you happen to be around, why not have a look at the sport first and maybe even try it out?

Where would you like to travel to do some Stand Up Paddle surfing? I would love to go to Maui, Hawaii… but first I would need some intensive Stand Up Paddle Surf training…

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    When I was in Bali recently I noticed some people doing stand up paddle surfing near Seminyak. I would agree that it’s probably easier in many respects since a paddle is way more efficient than your hands, and you’re already standing up. Not only have I seen it in Bali, but people that have summer homes on lakes are now using them to tour the lake, instead of taking a canoe or kayak.


    I am still a beginner, to do surfing as usual I still can not! however doing technique as above, seems to take a long time for me :)

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