Springtime walk

Lifecruisers swan

Say hello to out newest friend :-) We only met him today and he already wanted us to take him out for dinner. He was very pushy about that, forcing us to move away from the lake actually.

Yesterday and today we’ve been out walking because of the nice springtime. You’ll never know when it’s gonna be a weather change over here, so: Carpe Diem!

We tried to take pics of a Squirrel too, but he was too quick for us :-) We have one that always jumps from tree to tree and to the house roof on the house in front of us. It’s nice to see some animals even though we live in the suburbs of the capital.

Lifecruisers roe deer

The Roe Deers are still coming here, right outside our windows, despite the fact that spring has come. They have been hanging around here all winter - even in daytime - and we haven’t been able to take any pics of them. This was the first one yesterday.

There is a lot of different spieces of birds here too. I guess it’s because the neighbourhood has a lot of old trees where they can get insects and seeds to eat. And some left over crumbs from the humans. I especielly like the woodpecker and the blackbird. The blackbird has the most beautiful song - no other swedish bird beats his trilling sound. He has been trilling very early in the mornings for a while now, but that isn’t disturbing at all, just truly enjoyable - like beeing on a concert.

Lifecruisers Anemone Hepatica

In Sweden we count Anemone Hepatica as a true springtime sign. Even the white Wildwood Windflower, but we haven’t seen any of those yet. They use to cover all ground in the wood, like a white carpet.

It really is springtime, so the only thing that’s missing is: all the love couples hand in hand, kissing every where!!!

Ah, what the heck, we’ll start…..

* L O U D K I S S I N G S O U N D S *

Comments on Springtime walk

  • 1
    sharlet SINGAPORE said:

    I can really feel the mood, with the photos and the description. :)

    Well, spring, as they say, is the time for love!

  • 2
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    It really is beautiful weather today, I would say the warmest so far this year. I even went out into the garden taking to take a few photos of the dandelions lol.. The last few shots before we move house and we have to leave all the dandelions behind. Not that I’m complaining of course :)

    That’s a beautiful swan, very well captured :)

  • 3
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Ah, yes the moving Mandy - God luck :-)

  • 4
    Kasia POLAND said:

    We’ve got spring here, too! Hurrah!!!!!!

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