Since we’re having a very sunny and warm spring weather here in Sweden for the moment, I am occupied smiling and ENJOYING it :-)

Mrs Lifecruisers wide smile

“It’s the song you sing and the smiles you spread, that makes the sun shine every where”.

James Whitcomb Riley, 1849-1916

Captain Wide Smile Lifecruiser

Lifecruiser lifering

Next port: A peaceful Savannah, US the 16th ? -17th. As soon as Debbie is ready to guide us. She is having some back pain, so have patience folks :-)

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3 Comments on “Spread the wide smile a while”

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Weather is with us! Here it’s the best moment in south of France! No tourist, only TOR on the ROCK But by GRIMALDI! “smile”. After, this summer the temperature is very very hot! So we go out only at evening and night or very early in the morning! And often after a big breakfeast and a good pink wine,a little siesta!

    Lifecruiser: I totaly can understand how wonderful it is without the tourists…. *lol* And the siesta :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Boyyyyyyyy I wish I could say the same about Chesapeake Beach! We are COLD COLDER COLDEST spring EVER I think! Today we have 60 mph winds and 40 degree temps. (F) BRRRRRR! I am SO glad we are out to sea somewhere I’m sure MUCH warmer! LOL!

    (who is hosting Savannah captain?)

    Lifecruiser: What?! How strange. I hope we don’t get your weather now when they’re warning us for colder temperatures…

    Good thing yes, that we’re on our way to Savannah to let Debbie guide us ;-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    You know we had the loveliest spring weather in Oslo this weekend too, so I posted at the quote of our National writer: ‘I choose April!’
    Btw: The picture: Got yourself a brand new haircut? LoL

    Lifecruiser: He he… Or is it a wig? *lool*

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