Have you missed my new group on Spicypage?

If you have: hop over to Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise Group, where we can have some group talks!

What for, you might wonder? Well, to share things with each other. It can be that secret thing we don’t want to write on our own blogs (in my dreams ;-) – other crazy bloggers to check up – or what ever we feel like!

And of course: to promote the cyber cruise so we get more cruisers to come along and have fun with us :-)

Aren’t a member yet? Sign Up, mark me as a friend and join the group :-)

Oh, and don’t forget to place your vote too:

1) Put your blog up there too
(so we cruisers can vote for your blog!)
2) Join other groups
3) Vote for all the ones you find good
4) Spread the word about us!

We need more cruise ports for the autumn and winter season and better start now already to build up some steam!

Let’s make this cyber cruise spicy ;-)

Captain Spicy Lifecruiser

PS. Don’t miss that Melli got mail!

Lifecruiser lifering

Last port: Don’t miss the lasts cyber cruise stop at the end of the film festival in Cannes that Claudie was holding :-)

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2 Comments on “Spicypage rage”

    Las Vegas Realtor said:

    It seems everywhere I look I see a reference to spicypage. I just put up my blog and site there last month. Got a ton of traffic for the first week or so, then it dropped off completely. Last week it picked up again.

    Callie Ann said:

    yep I joined the group. can’t wait to find out what we are going to do know. WoooooooW

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