Spanish Easter celebration: Semana Santa in Sanlúcar, Photo by Lifecruiser

Remember last year when we were celebrating Semana Santa in Sanlúcar, the Spanish Easter celebration?

If not, click on the link above and read more – it’s truly fascinating, the way the celebrate it!

Since we didn’t have time to sort the photos properly back then, I just uploaded a few of them taken with my mobile phone camera.

It wasn’t easy to take photos in that crowd in the dark night. Now I’ve finally sorted the rest of them and uploaded them.

Lifecruiser’s Semana Santa in Sanlúcar photo slideshow.

Lifecruiser Spain

10 Comments on “Spanish Easter: Semana Santa”

    Gattina said:

    I don’t remember if I wished you a happy Easter, but better twice than not at all ! Did you do anything special ? Our Easter was quite boring, the weather wasn’t so nice and our friends all gone on holidays !

    Ling said:

    Oh, yeah, I remember that post. Well, actually, I remembered it after I took a look at it, but still… Hope they had good weather this year too.

    RennyBA said:

    Love the slide show – what a beautiful cathedral and nice ceremony.


    thanks for the picture. i was wondering what semana santa looks like in other places outside of Antigua, guatemala, which is considered the queen of all semana santas. I’m organizing my pics now from our trip and you’ll see how phenomenal it is there!
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    TorAa said:

    Really fascinating and very different from how we celebrate here up North.
    Thanks for sorting out your excelllent captures and sharing

    Caroline said:

    Stunning! I had forgotten all about how differently they celebrate Easter. Hope you had a fantastic Easter this year. xx

    claudie said:

    I am very impresse by the beauty of the pictures, the costums and statues and all! Impresse to see how religion and traditions are still so pregnant in South of Spania. A place to visit ! :shock:


    What beautiful pictures of a lovely area of Andalusia! Thanks for stopping by so I would find them! Isn’t Holy Week/Semana Santa something in Andalusia? This is our 3rd and I am grateful that we will have one more!

    For those who love to look & learn about these customs, I just posted picks of this Easter Sunday in “our” tiny 15th century village in Spain. We are close to Granada, yet closer still to the Med sea:

    It was a glorious sunny Easter and a procession so beautiful that it made me cry. This is our 3rd winter here, so we knew everyone there which makes it very special.

    We are Americans and we have nothing like this there. I find all of Europeans are better at creating community through traditions. Perhaps we lost that in America because we are all mostly a bunch of mongrels ( mixed breed ie melting pot).

    We love the traditions we find every where from the fikas and crayfish parties/songs in Sweden to the dramatic festivals in Spain! ;)

    We did also keep some American traditions and did have the Easter bunny visit us and a little egg hunt too! ;)

    Mar said:

    Beautiful!! I have been living in Spain for 15 years but we have never spent Easter here…it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


    Your photo’s tale us back to our visit 5 years ago when my wife and I had such a magical time. thanks for bring back the memories :)

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