Lifecruiser photo Bull and Wind Power

This is at a road side in Andalucia, the South of Spain, early April 2008. The farms gatepost said: “Tapatana” and I think it’s in the Cadiz area.

We were very surprised to see such big wind power turbine park there – and it stretched for many kilometers.

Afterwards I learned that Spain is in the top list of countries producing most wind power and April 18, 2008 they did set a record of wind power with 10,879 MW, which is 32% of Spain’s power requirement.

Which means that Spain not only has big bull power, it also has big wind power.

Some say it’s destroying the landscapes view, but I did find it kind of majestic actually. Just to hear the sound of them, nothing else. It gives a clean impression. I can’t say what it does for the bird life and such though.

Besides that, what alternatives do we have so far? I rather give my vote for solar or wind power than anything else.

Lifecruiser Spain

Sources: Wikipedia and Reuters.

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    I think that’s magnificent! I lived in Spain for a year and a half, my youngest daughter was born there and I loved it! I congratulate Spain for the use of so much windpower, I know all the arguments against, but it’s certainly better than the alternative and they are rather elegant looking. And I love the bulls. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’ll be back to visit yours.

    Sylvia Kirkwoods last blog post..My World for Tuesday #2

    Louise said:

    Beautiful! I love windmills and I love to see miles of them even more. They ARE majestic. To those that say they destroy the landscape, I say, “What do you want?” It’s clean. It’s renewable. Get over it!

    Louises last blog post..World’s Longest Tram–My World

    claudie said:

    :roll: the clean energies are the best of course! But I heard that some farmers in France couldn’t support the noise of the turbines :neutral: . I ask to myself what does the cow think :sad: ? If I had money I would love to have an house completly bio :idea: ! For the building and bioenegetic! :grin:

    claudies last blog post..Ticoune prefers staying relax on the sofa!

    Carver said:

    I think wind farms have their own beauty and that’s a great shot with the bulls and beautiful sky too. My main concern is when they are a problem for birds and I know some places the migratory bird patterns are disrupted. I think it’s good when wind power can be harnessed if they can work around the issues with the birds.

    Carvers last blog post..That’s My World – Where I Vote


    What a neat look at the windmills of your area of the world.

    Fishing Guys last blog post..My world #3

    Klaus said:

    Excellent picture and info! And equally beautiful layout!
    Cheers, Klaus

    Leslie said:

    I think they’re rather stately looking. It’s clean energy and if it produces that much power, then I think other countries should be looking into using them, too.

    Leslies last blog post..That’s My World Tuesday – YVR


    Beautiful environmental World.

    Luiz Ramoss last blog post..Finland in My World


    Thanks for comments.
    Brazil is seaside and mountain climate.
    Back for new Brazilian regions and views.
    Luiz Ramos

    Luiz Ramoss last blog post..Finland in My World

    Leora said:

    That’s a lot of wind power! I’ve seen one of these tall ones on a mountain in Massachusetts, but not a forest like these. The bull doesn’t seem to mind at all.

    Leoras last blog post..My World: Donaldson Park on Raritan River

    babooshka said:

    More of these should be used. Great look into your world.

    gen/entry said:

    I saw like that when we travel out west…Its cool…TC

    Bobbie in Hawaii said:

    I did not know that fact about Spain and wind power production. Thanks for the lesson.

    Bobbie in Hawaiis last blog post..Evening Freight Barge to Honolulu

    Antigoni said:

    Great post! I love traveling. And in Greece we have many places we can visit.
    Thank you for your nice comment.

    Antigonis last blog post..MY WORLD TUESDAY: WEEKEND TO ERETRIA, EVIA

    Mar said:

    It’s early morning but this reminds me of the Osborne commercials :smile:
    I love wind farms, I don’t think they offend the landscape, on the contrary!
    Great shot and I love how you stretched the logo to have the same lenth of your shot ::takes notes::

    Mars last blog post..My World Tuesday

    Ling said:

    Personally speaking, I prefer a clean environment over a clean view. If there isn’t a clean environent, pretty soon there won’ty be any view left. So more wind farms producing clean energy, better it is.

    RuneE said:

    An important point – what else have we got?

    Wren said:

    There’s no perfect solution to our energy situation, and we will always have to make trade-offs. I hope that we make the best decisions that we can and rectify our mistakes in judgment as quickly as we can.

    Leaving aside the philosophical, it’s a lovely picture. I like the juxtaposition of bull and wind turbines, and I have to say I agree with those who think the bull doesn’t mind at all.

    Wrens last blog post..Wren’s World was in France for a few days (My World #3)

    Caroline said:

    How interesting, I didn’t know that about Spain/Andalucia. I was once chased by a bull (whilst on horseback, I wasn’t bull fighting – promise). I am petrified of them as a result……

    Carolines last blog post..Social seggregation in the UK?


    Cool shot, no bull…


    Excellent post. I have been to Spain twice and I have seen the mountain ridges with all these wind mills. It is not polluting my sight :-)

    Ivar Ivrigs last blog post..ABC Wednesday

    Gattina said:

    That’s a very nice idea ! We should all do it. It disturbes less the view than some big factories !
    Now they only have to stop to do corridas with these poor bulls and I love Spain, lol !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Dee said:

    Like the contrast of the white wind turbines and the green grass. I think my country should invest more in wind power. :grin:

    Dees last blog post..My World Tuesday: The O’Connell Center

    John said:

    Tar sjansen på at du forstår norsk.
    Jeg fant posten fra Hurumlandet og feiringen :)
    Vi var 14 dager i Andalucia i påsken (mars), vi bodde på et lite sted som heter Calahonda, det ligger midt mellom Fuengirola og Marbella.
    Ja dere må ta dere en rundtur i Norge, det er mye flott natur.
    Selv var vi en tur på Öland i sommer. :razz:

    Johns last blog post..My World – Drammen – Norway

    Brit' Gal Sarah said:

    I agree about wind power and we have alot of it here too. I actually think they are an impressive sight.

    Brit’ Gal Sarahs last blog post..My World Tuesday – Glass or Gloss?

    RennyBA said:

    Sorry to be a bit short, but I’m dizzy and miss you on my party :lol:

    RennyBAs last blog post..Happy Birthday to RennyBA at his Terella

    Michelle said:

    We have the same type of wind mills along Lake Erie in New York state. My concern is for birds as this farm is along a major migratory pathway..

    lawstude said:

    wow. those windmills are awesome. they are like paper toys in a deep blue sky and the cow added a lively element in the scen. great job.

    lawstudes last blog post..Sports Activities in Boracay

    Caroline said:

    I have given you an award, please collect :smile:

    Carolines last blog post..My first award

    Arija said:

    Great post, but fo me, I love that beautifully configured bull!
    What a superb beast.

    Arijas last blog post..Please scroll down for BIRDS and FLOWERS

    Mark H said:

    I’ve got mixed feelings on these wind farms. Clean power etc is onviously good but you need paddocks fulls of them to produce relatively small amounts of power. They hurt bird life, they need to be in fairly pristine areas (where there is lots of wind) and they aren’t that pretty to look at.

    gwendolen said:

    Beautiful compostion, I really like this photo.

    This is quite a large windmill farm. The modern windmills can be so photogenic. Holland has plans to put a park in the sea, which makes a lot of sense, I think. Animals and people won’t suffer from the noise there. As for the birds, I think more research needs to be done to find a way to keep the birds from colliding with the windmills..

    Recent research has showed the wind turbines do not drive birds from surrounding areas. All we need now is to find a way to stop the birds from flying in to them.

    gwendolens last blog post..(via catbird)

    Cecil Lee said:

    I love to see such a huge wind power turbine park and I love wind turbine as they are artistic to me and it generates power to our human too. I fell in love with them when I first saw it in UK. Lovely…

    John Walton said:

    Wow! What a beautiful site. I’m doing some research right now on both wind and solar for homes. Take a look at this:Wind and solar energy, a better way.

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