Spain has a lot of excellent beaches, especially the ones that are situated at the Mediterranean costline as this one at Costa Blanca: Postiguet Beach in Alicante City. A long and sandy beach with opportunities for beach sports as well as cafés and restaurants along the maritime promenade walk.

Spain, Alicante: Postiguet Beach

This particular day in the beginning of March it was cloudy and risk for rain, but still it was a really nice walk along the beach. Maybe we appreciate it even more than the Spaniards, since we did came from snowy weather conditions…

We had seen many Spanish beaches by then, on the 5000 km roadtrip, since we had been driving along the coastline mostly and there has been surprisingly many stony beaches actually.

We will tell you if we ever find our dream beach… or maybe not… Maybe we will keep it a secret…? *teasing you*

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    I love Torre del Mar and its pretty little beach.

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