I feel so sorry for the victims of the Spainair lockout, that I decided to write a short travel blog post about it. Vueling (and others) has a special flight rate deal for the Spanair stranded passengers that stands until January 30 2012, that might help some travelers.

The Spanish flight company Vueling even decided to start their flight route between Stockholm – Barcelona today – much earlier than planned (March) – because of the Spanair bankruptcy. Tickets can be bought through their mobile site too:

So if you are a lockout victim, you can hopefully get this special flight rate by Vueling at: or read more in their blog post about the Spanair passengers options.

I can imagine what a chaos, since Spain is such a huge European tourist destination, when all those stranded passengers are going to try to get tickets with other flight companies like Iberia, Air Europa and Ryanair (49 Euro rescue fare) etc.

Having an owner of ownership in Spanair of 10,9 percent, the Scandinavian Airlines SAS reports that their loss will be possible to handle for them and that they will be involved as a creditor in the upcoming bankruptcy process. The event will have a limited effect on SAS liquidity.

Let’s face it: It could have been you or me. It’s never fun – to not get that well deserved getaway that you may have saved up for in months. What a nightmare.

To be stranded somewhere without a flight you’ve counted on if you really have to return at a specific date could cost you more than you can afford, both money wise and perhaps work wise. Your boss might not be pleased if you can’t get home in time.

Me? I would LOVE to be stranded in Spain right now… he he…

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