Lifecruiser Christmas gift wrapped as a Diary Dagbok

I hope Christmas has been filled with joy and laughter for all of you my dear cruisers :lol:

Curious of what a Swede does buy as Christmas gifts? Well, you might not call me and Mr Lifecruiser ordinary Swedes, since we’re a bit crazy, but some hints this might give you. *giggles*

The most joyful with Christmas gifts for me is not only to give them, but also the wrapping of them! I just love to create the best possible wrappings! For me it’s my kind of art.

So the Christmas gifts in the post below this one wasn’t for myself. It was the gifts that I wrapped for Mr Lifecruiser daughter Jane. I had a bit x-tra fun with them this year…

The Christmas gift in the top photo of this post is my own favorite, wrapped looking like a Diary (Dagbok in Swedish) and I couldn’t resist to put the word Dagbok there too, just to mislead her what’s in there. No, it was not a Diary, but she did get one – in another gift!

In this one it was a very glamorous glitter eyeliner and eyeshadow, very useful at the New Year Eve wouldn’t you say? She also did get a Mascara from Kanebo called 38 degrees, which means that you can only clean it off in 38 degrees of hot water, nothing else will do, so you’re safe from the rain – or tears…

She also did get a bigger gift – look at the silvery box in the photo – very elegant isn’t it? Well, haven’t your mother told you that the appearances are deceptive? *giggles*

Inside there was a shoebox, but no shoes in the box, just a little sack tied up with a silver string and inside that little sack were a little deck of cards with old moviestars, very retro! *giggles*

There were also Christmas tree ornaments golden hearts which belongs to a Christmas Collection from Steninge Slott (Castle).

So what’s missing more then? Silver glittered candles with matching plates to put them on, to light up the winter darkness and have a cozy moment.

Oh, and what about the little red heart box? In there were other hearts in shape of a mobile jewelery. Youngsters dearest thing is the mobile phone nowadays, right?

What else do you buy to a young woman? Well, you can guess the content in the big red upright one? No? Champagne of course! Though not Dom Perignon, it was the second best: Moet Chandon.

…and what are you going to drink from? Orlando Hoetzel Champagne glasses from Ritzenhoff Collection of course. They were in the two red ones with the white fluffy feathers on.

I just love – no adore – all their Champagne glasses! They all show such wonderful creativity! Just have a look at all their other stuff too – AWESOME!

I can’t believe I’ve missed them before. Darn! Though I haven’t seen them here in Sweden before, just some of the Champagne glasses. I do hope that the rest of the collection shows up in our stores!

We did scare her a bit too. First inside the Christmas card, when she opened it a paper butterfly flew up from it making her almost shit in her pants (lol) and then a little joke box with balls jumping up from it when she opened it!

We must have some fun and laughter, right? *giggles*

Next post will tell you more about our Christmas so stay tuned…

Captain Lifecruiser

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    Why you have a bit of an evil streak don’t you? Bwahahahahah. How fun. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was steller too. Have a great day captain. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..You Rock My Socks, Mr. Present!

    RennyBA said:

    You’ve wrapped this story in very well in your way of telling it Capt’n. The anticipation, the preparation – half the fun it is to plan for the surprise and to make it more than just another gift. Its the thought that counts and of course a good champagne does not harm either :smile:

    Love your fun al laughter and looking forward to your next Xmas story!

    Btw: We’re in Sweden and had Jansons Fristelser today ;-)

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Are you Dreaming of a White Christmas?

    Maribeth said:

    Oh I wish you could have come and wrapped my gifts! How I hate to do that job! I am not so creative, but I do enjoy shopping for the right gift!

    Kango said:

    LOL. Butterflies flying out of Christmas cards? Balls jumping out of a joke box? Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Hope you took some pics.

    Tomas said:

    You say “we must have some fun and laughter“…Wow, you don’t ask for some fun, but are sharing the laughter – your posts just sparkle with love. Thank you. Your happiness has fired my heart too.
    Just the coming to your blog made a dull day sparkle. What a beauty of your page! Only the happy people are able to create such wonderful “wrapping” for their words.
    My best wishes to you. Be well.

    Tomas’s last blog post..musing in a suit of mumbo-jumbo


    Ahhhh…. the mischievous Captain! hehe…. How I wish to get a specially thought up present from you! It would be lots of fun unwrapping it just as I have lots of fun reading your blog.

    eastcoastlife’s last blog post..SHATEC Open House 2007

    mogLi said:

    Oh, it would be such a waste to rip apart such delicately wrapped christmas gifts! Gonna be back about your version of authentic Swedish christmas. I wrote mine from the point of view of an outsider. God fortsättning! :)

    TorAa said:

    Who else but you can tell it like this—-

    When coming to Champagne – a trade mark for Cyvercruisers:

    Möet et Chandon: They have their own Winery in Mendoza, ARG.
    Their sparkling product is named: Chandon.

    Mumm: They have their own winery in Napa vally. They call their products: Mumm Napa.

    Have a 2008 that will bring your both than cyber cuises.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Christmas Gifts and Cards

    Forrest said:

    I love the Dagbook! I used to have a much smaller box like that for business cards … and lost it years ago while moving. It just looks so classy.

    Forrest’s last blog post..US 101: The Olympic Peninsula

    Vic Grace said:

    Just popped in to say hi and wish you a happy new year. I found a post on your blog recently about moving from Blogger to WordPress and it was very helpful. Thanks for posting.

    Vic Grace’s last blog post..You are not a failure for trying

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