Loose some win some, seems to be our saying about our pets.

Recently we lost our beloved pet Dusty and now we are afraid that maybe our net pet Basil has gone the same way, because we haven’t seen him for a while now.

Then we have some other pets, that Mr Lifecruiser won at some amusement parks. He is very good at aiming things and he is very determent, so he usually wins something.

Let us introduce them to you.

The Shark 1 and 2:

Shark 1 and 2 preparing an attack

They have som unusual colors to be sharks, turquose and silver grey, really fancy, but of course, they are old moviestars now and have to have some glamour. They are lurking under our witing desk all the time. Better to watch out, you’ll never know when the shark attack is coming!!!

The Zebra “Roger Pontare”:

The Zebra Roger Pontare

Named after a swedish artist that is known for his hairstyles, because he has a similar hair as him. Maybe they are relatives…? This one doesn’t sing though and we’re very grateful for that!

The giant panda Orvar:

The Giant Panda Orvar in front of the computer

Our biggest baby. He likes to sit in front of my computer and get mad at me when I won’t let him. He just sit at the bed staring angry at me for hours and hours!

Oooooh, by the way: They don’t want to go out in this winter weather either….

2 Comments on “Some of our unusual pets”

    pm said:

    LOL! I bet it is cheaper to fed them – than my pets! hehe

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, but I often tell Mr Lifecruiser (whispering so he won’t hear) that it’s some of the pets that have eaten up some of the food and stuff.

    Not sure if he buys it though because he knows I’m a hungry monster *lol*

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