Mr Lifecruiser:

Scchhhh…. She can here us, come closer. Closer I said! I do not want to be caught. Do you want to hear this or not???!!! Now you are close enough, do not want to kiss you in the ear….

Whispering: I was thinking out a really smart strategy yesterday. As you maybe know, my wife has problems with her back, so how could she resist my offer of giving her a massage to relieve her pain? *giggling of satisfaction*

Strategy massage of Mrs Lifecruiser

Mrs Lifecruisers confess:

yeah yeah, I am a weak wife, totally without any pride in my entire body, not being able to resist my husbands warm experts hands. I was like butter in the frying pan, just fried and then I melted…

I confess, I can not resist the man, he is too blody marbellous good on handling me, I have no strength or energy to last long against such a intensive attack.

Totally worthless at holding my stands here. Just kick my butt for it, I will take it as massage that too ;-)

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    CaptainJeff UNITED STATES said:

    I have been keeping up with this whole war you 2 are having whenever i surf you from Blog Advance, and even after that, i am so utterly confused…


    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanx for keeping yourself updated in the war, but we missed your support during it ;-)

    - and everyone elses too, for that matter. Where were you all, hiding in the bushes?

    What is it that is confusing YOU? Tell us please, so we can help sorting it out for you :-)

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