Lifecruisers port view in Lanzarote
© Lifecruiser 2005 (Lanzarote, Spain)
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Don’t miss our fabulous cyber cruise that starts now on Friday the 16th of March with many fantastic destinations such as: Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Alaska (!), US, Italy, Dominican Republic, Australia and other mystery destinations!

28 Comments on “Slip on the ship”

    Autofocused UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Boat looks a little small for my tastes… :shock:

    Lifecruiser: Hm… Actually for me too… I get seasick easily :-)

    MamaDuck UNITED STATES said:

    Wow, where is that taken?? That is just beautiful.

    Lifecruiser: that is a small port in Lanzarote, one of the Canarian islands in Spain. Both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote’s mountains looked like that. Veryyyy beautiful :-)

    Brian UNITED STATES said:

    Happy WW.

    Great cruising.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, so make sure to be there :-)

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    This cruise will be a must. With you as captain it will be the best cruise ever. My bag is ready. Proof on WW.

    :) )

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Tor. We’re soo looking forward to be your guests on Sauturday in Oslo!!!

    You make me curious so I’ll pop over and look your WW up :-)

    Rav`N AUSTRALIA said:

    what a view. gorgeous

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Rav’N :-)

    Amber UNITED STATES said:

    How did you know my hubby and I just returned from a FANTASTIC cruise? I am SOOOOO there this week.

    My WW is now up. Sorry, I’m new to this thing. :-)

    Lifecruiser: OH, that sounds fabulous too. How wonderful you must have had! Welcome back for the cruise :-)

    anyhow said:

    Nice shot. Love the mountain in the background.

    Wordless Wednesday Guess-It is up! Go take a look and guess!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks anyhow :-)

    michelle UNITED STATES said:

    Its all ship crazy over here! The view of the harbor is gorgeous! Happy sailing! Im up!

    Lifecruiser: Yes… Thanks michelle :-)

    Ma UNITED STATES said:

    Very beautiful photo! It sure is pretty there.

    I’m up also.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, every placce seem to have it’s own beauty in my eyes :-)

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Is that our cruise ship? Or perhaps massive sailboat? Looks great!

    Lifecruiser: I’m not gonna tell anything yet…. *looking mysterious and giggling*

    Just be be here in time before the gangplank is withdrawn :-)

    Holly Schwendiman UNITED STATES said:

    Well, time to set the sails and get the adventure underway!

    Holly’s Corner

    Lifecruiser: Yes, were jumping up and down very unpatiently over here! *s*

    Friday's Child said:

    That is great. Would like to join but then I wouldn’t be any good to all of you. I haven’t traveled yet and I have nothing to share.
    Thanks for the visit.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, but you can be a cruiser anyway – just enjoying the views this ships is taking us to :-) You don’t have to be a host to be cruising with us!


    I know I read the rules once and I put you on my list, but I knew I could not guarantee I could fulfill the cruise, so I didn’t do more.
    I will be cheering everyone on though.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, we’re not that “fussy”, so you’re welcome along for as long or short as you want to Lynn!

    Every one from our A-Swab Team (which you are) automatically has a ticket where you can hop aboard or to land as you like :-)

    Kai said:

    Beautiful shot – the mountain in the back is amazing!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Kai – it really was :-)

    jams o donnell UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Lovely photo Mrs Lifecruiser and a great idea!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks :-)

    Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said:

    A gorgeous view…I love your banner too… actually i love ships!!! & one of my dreams is to go on a cruise…

    Lifecruiser: Oh thanks Wendy Ann Edwina :-) So, why aren’t you report yourself to the A-Swab Team and sail with us?

    All that it takes is to link to us in your sidebar too and come here and participate :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    oh, nice , nice pic. Just thought of one I took in Porto …happy wednesday :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Mar, I like it too and especially now .-)

    amy said:

    What a wonderful picture and a great blog

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Amy, yours sure is a great one too :-)

    Dragonheart GERMANY said:

    Lovely shot. :) Looks like a great place to visit. :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks – it sure was!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    *packing some bags* Aaaaah, Lanzarote :grin:
    Another great port, too… *placing 13 things in a trolley* Haven´t been to the Canarians for ages. My last holiday in Spain was Mallorca, where my MIL lives.


    Sanni (who loves the new cruising layout :mrgreen: )

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Sanni! *smooch back* *lol* Yes, Canarian islands is real niiiice :-)

    Debbie said:

    What a beautiful tease shot for the upcoming cruise!

    I love the changes to the blog. Now my eyes are feeling much better when I visit.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Debbie :-) See, I said it was going to change, I just didn’t know when…. *s*

    celfyddydau UNITED KINGDOM said:

    love the idea of a cybercruise. Might be the only type of hoilday I get this year so I may just join you :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks.

    Wanna cyber cruise with us? All that it takes is that you:

    1. Blogroll us (linking to us)
    2. Tell us so we can link back
    3. Participate in our cruises with comments

    No demands besides that.

    (It’s only A-Team Cruisers that hosts the cruise and by own generous choice :-)

    Welcome aboard to have fun with us!

    ~ Stacy ~ UNITED STATES said:

    Ooh! Permission to come aboard, Captain?


    Your Cyber Cruise sounds like fun!

    Lifecruiser: You’re welcome :-)

    Claire UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Thats a great shot, i was going to say is it the canaries, but somebody already mentioned lanzarote.
    In simpleton terms whats the cyber cruise about?:sad:

    Lifecruiser: In short description the cyber cruise is about travelling in the cyber space. We’re pretending that we’re on a cruise ship with several destinations and the A-Team cruisers is hosts for a day if they want, presenting their own home town or some other port they have been to and have pictures of. It’s all about having FUN :-)

    Wanna cyber cruise with us? All that it takes is that you:

    1. Blogroll us (linking to us)
    2. Tell us so we can link back
    3. Participate in our cruises with comments

    No demands besides that.

    (It’s only A-Team Cruisers that hosts the cruise and by own generous choice :-)

    Welcome aboard to have fun with us!

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    OOOh, ! Cool flags! Hoping I get one…! How will we return to port to cover me?

    Lifecruiser: I answered you on your blog instead :-)

    Frances said:

    Your blog is a wonder – Tack it Tuesday is too much!
    Great meme name.
    And your cybercruise sounds like fun – I’ll be dropping back for updates.
    Happy Wednesday,

    Lifecruiser: Thanks and welcome back Frances :-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Pic from Spain was breath taking!
    Looking forward to welcome you all to Oslo on Saturday :grin:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks! *jumping up and down*

    letha UNITED KINGDOM said:

    That is a lovely scene, I love tall ships used to go on the sea cadets one when it came into my home port, always too scared to climb the rigging though.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s something special with them indeed :-)

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