Sleepy Time Gal
Sleepy Time Gal, c. 1944-1947.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren. Repaint.

We’ve been busy with all sorts of duties for a very long time now and hardly any “sleep in-day”, always waking up to the wake up call. We’re dead tired and decided that this Friday is our free day off from all that.

We’re going to sleep until we wake up by ourselves and then maybe go up from bed – at least when we get (OK, I get) hungry. So this post is posted in the night before we get to bed.

We might go out for some minor shopping in the afternoon and that’s it. I hope… Things tend to happens if I say things like this… *giggles*

Our cyber cruise schedule has been filled up too, but with a lot of fun – not only interesting destinations, we also have some other festivities like:

- An October feast – on Monday already!
- Olive tree’s fest in Ollioules
- Captain’s & Mar‘s birthdays (Libra sisters :-)
- A blog warming party when the new layout is installed

I was thinking of maybe having a birthday party together with Mar at first, but I don’t know yet if I’ll be home or if we’re having overnight guests staying or what, so I can’t plan anything yet. Maybe I’ll throw in something in the last minute…

Plus spooktacular ideas from Caledonia:

- Your oddly ghost Halloween post
- How do You Celebrate Halloween
- Halloween Party 31th of October

Shall I make a special Halloween shout out post to spread the word with a Halloween Party button that you can put in your sidebars?

Are you willing to spread the word around even to other bloggers that aren’t Lifecruiser’s?

As always: everybody is welcome to have fun with us :-P

Wanna have some fun already? Visit Tors Friday Fun!

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The Lake of Garda (Sun 30 Sept)
Octoberfest in Munich (Mon 1 October)
Olive tree’s fest in Ollioules (After 6 Oct)
LC Blogwarming Party (Middle October)
Your oddly ghost Halloween post (Tue 23 Oct)
How do You Celebrate Halloween (Tue 30 Oct)
Halloween Party (Wed 31 Oct)
Corfu, Greece
Denmark – Germany
Algarve, Portugal
The East Coast of Scotland
The West Coast of Scotland
Fuerteventura, Spain
Miami, US (November)
Panama Canal (November)
Buenos Aires – Argentina (Second half of December)
Foz do Iguazu, Brazil/Paraguay (Second half of December)
Riga, Latvia(Changed!)

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11 Comments on “Sleepy Free Day No Busy Bee Day”

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    There is no dagis today so there is NO free day for me! Have a great day off! My idea of a wonderful day off would be to surf the web till my eyes hurt and finding a really nice book in a loppis that I could alter! I am technically challenged, but I would love a sidebar link!

    A. FRANCE said:

    Oh I’d love a sleep-in day! Have a great day off.

    As something separate, does anyone else have difficulty getting into Almost every time I try, my pC seizes up or IE crashes.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    There have been big problems earlier at her place, but she kindly cleaned her sidebar a bit after a request from me and now it’s much better.

    Any crashes I don’t know of, but maybe it’s something combined with your PC too.

    I can only say that she has said that she will change it more later, but for now: she is busy writing a book too :-)

    A. FRANCE said:

    Thanks captian, patience is a virtue I find, and I managed to get there. Thanks!

    Toni said:

    Have a great day! I hope you were able to enjoy it the way you have just planned it. I always wake up early when I intend to stay late wake up late when I need to be early.

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Tomorrow is my sleep in day. I simply will not get up before I am ready.

    .: mar SPAIN said:

    I love pahhhhties, october promises to be a fun month already!! Love your countdown, Captain :)
    I love buttons as well: a Halloween one would be perfect for the month!!!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Wishing you a lovely sleep day and a great end to your week – your really deserve it Captain!

    Btw: When you wake up – your welcome over as I’ve tagged you :D

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Hej Captain!

    Enjoy your day off – it´s so well deserved. As far as I know you there might be “certain activities” involved *wink* – since I´m a bit lonely (Frank´s off for the first 12 day of work) I´ve made some spooky buttons and badges for the upcoming CC Halloween events. =)

    Happy kissing,

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Halloween events!!! a super idea!

    Sword Girl UNITED STATES said:

    This is so exciting! I’m really hoping that we’ll get to go on the ghost walks of the downtown historic houses. The graveyards in the churches are so spooky!!

    That is so neat that you and Mar are both Libras! I love Libras!!! J’mon and his Dad and my nephews (the twins) are all Libras too. :-) October is really the BEST!

    And I’m excited about the fun October spooky like foods too! Gives me motivation to make stuff for the kids.

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