People do have a bad habit of saying dumb things sometimes, probably because they are feeling so bad themselves. I’m glad I don’t suck it in any longer. It’s nothing to take notice of. Only to pity them. One thing I often heard is people complaining that other people is telling them that they’re fat and should try to go on a diet. They don’t need to hear that, they are fully awear of it, I promise you!

I know the feeling, but the opposite. During my whole time growing up I was told: Oh my what you’re skinny! It can be a big problem, because people don’t think of it as a bad remark, but it really is - if you have to listen to it 88 times a day year round and don’t like yourself being skinny. I think that maybe people are saying that even more often than they say to some one that they’re fat.

So, unless you have some constructive advice that can be helpful, shut up with the remarks. Figure out some other, good way, to support the person instead.

Mrs Lifecruiser in bikini with skinny legs

I was so ashamed over me being skinny when I was a teenager. When I was on the beach, I was always laying sun bathing on my stomach. That was because if I did lay on my back, my hip bones would stand up too much and made the bikini underwear lean on the hip bones, almost revealing what I had in my bikini underwear. It created a hole to watch through. Actually it have effected me today too. I have built up a very good amount of sun tanning cells at my backside and have a much harder time to get suntanned on my frontside - even though I do sunbath my front today. What I don’t understand is why I’m only gaining some weight around my stomach… The legs and arms still is a little bit too skinny.

Then we have the fact of the clothes that never fitted. That was probably more difficult because I was also tall. So if I should get clothes that fitted me in width size, they were way too short. Especially before the jeans become a fashion here. How lucky I was when the first really tight jeans fashion came here! You had to stand in a long line outside the store to get inside and try some jeans on. And for the first time in my life I could actually have a pair of trendy jeans that was fitting me nice. I was so excited!

Today I still have problems with clothes. Usually they are to short for me, despite that my length only is 176 cm, but my legs are long. When we went to the Netherlands last year I was thrilled with the clothes there, they were actually almost too long even for me! I had to buy two pants there. So obviously there are a lot of tall people in The Netherlands. I didn’t feel so tall for once.

Come to think about that, I remember one time when we were in The Scottish Highlands, near Loch Ness. There was this nice old man playing his bagpipe that we stayed and talked with for a while. We were curious about how to play the bagpipe and was asking a few questions about it. He started to look at me from top to toe, several times up and down and said repeatedly: “You are very tall… You are very tall…” And he just couldn’t stop saying it. This time it was fun. I have to admit that everywhere we went in Scotland, I felt like one of the tallest. Mr Lifecruiser is at the same height, but he is a man so it’s more acceptable.

My life would have been a little bit easier if I had been a little bit less skinny and maybe 5 cm shorter, but I’ve getting used to the fact that I’m always between all sizes!!! I get a lot of exercise running around and trying clothes every where, thats positive. And not buying is positive for the wallet :-)

That counts for shoes too. We actually had to take a trip to Milano 2004, just so that I could buy me some summer shoes (winter shoes is easier). My feets are so thin so they keep sliding in the summer shoes. It must be narrow shoes and The Italians have it! Need I say that I purchased six pair of shoes there? I never know when I get the chance again. It can go many years before I can find new ones. The shoe factorys don’t know what they missed!!! I could have been a big customer if there were any shoes that fitted me!

Another negative thing with being skinny is the fact that’s it’s too easy to lose weight. I MUST eat at regular times otherwise I’m not feeling well at all and the hungry monster comes out! That can be a problem when we’re out travelling, finding suitable food or places to eat. When we were in U.S I lost 3 kilos, which I didn’t managed to build up again before we went to South America. The hot weather plus some diseases made me lose another 6 kilos there! All together, 9 kilos is a great deal on my body. Luckily I had a few kilos extra before we went. I’ve still not get all of it back.

So I guess what I’m saying is: fat or skinny, tall or short, it makes no difference, we’re all humans, stop nagging about peoples appearence!

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20 Comments on “Skinny or fat no difference”

    marie b. UNITED STATES said:

    I find that the people who bitch about people’s appearance / body shape / body in any way are usually the ones who need to find something superficially “wrong” with someone in order to feel better about themselves.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes and it’s sooo totally wrong, because it won’t help them a bit, on the contrary! Total waste of time and feelings.

    Beeba UNITED STATES said:

    Now…I agree with everything you said, but WHY did you have to post my picture?????? teehee…..:lol:

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Well, that’s probably because I adore you’re figure ;-)

    blueyes UNITED STATES said:

    I used to have a problem when I was in high school as well finding jeans because they don’t make alot of size 0/1, not sure how that would convert to europes standards but its really REALLY small and I’m tall as well to boot, needless to say it was a lost cause sometimes :/ I’ve put on more weight now so it’s not that bad but I still sometimes have problems with the length as I have long legs as well and the shoes!, they must think every womans foot is wide. It’s really hard to find narrow shoes and just shoes in general over a size 9 most times in the inexpensive shoe stores.

    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    you know that people who think they are the perfect weight and stay that way no matter what they do like to criticize people that do not have it so good. that is a shame. where is there compassion. some people are overweight or underweight but they feel good about theirselves and what other people say does not matter to them, but this is very rare indeed.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    blueyes: I hear you have the same experience. I can’t understand why the shoe fabrics miss that there really are a lot of customer they’re missing.

    mrhaney: So true. As always when you say anything :-) There is not enough compassion left in this world, if we shall judge from what people say and do.

    “Everybody is only thinking about themselves, it’s only me who thinks of me….” Hmm…..

    sisiggy UNITED STATES said:

    Isn’t that incredible that we’re on the opposite sides of the weight and height spectrums, yet the ramifications are exactly the same…

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, sisiggy, same, same but different :-)

    Stacie UNITED STATES said:

    Great post! thank you for a look at the flip side of things. I have struggled with being overweight my whole life. I never thought much about “skinny” people having to deal with weight issues as well. A Great post! thanks for visiting my blog! Do you have a photoblog as well? Stacie

    Stacie UNITED STATES said:

    oopss..just found it. Great photos! I would love to got to Brazil someday! Stacie

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanx Stacie :-) You’re not alone, I know many people that never had thought of the fact that it can be a problem for the skinny ones too. That’s partly why I wrote this post.

    Well, Brazil has a wonderful climate and beaches, but next time we go to South America I want to see more of Argentina!

    Walker CANADA said:

    I think that the way a person looks like is just the way he /she looks like. It should not make no difference what so ever about a persons body type is like.
    The problem is TV and fashion and advertising. You see models walking down the runways looking slim.
    Notice I didn’t say fit.
    People are being brain washed into thinking they should look a certain way.
    I’m over weight though.
    If I loose it I will but I won’t kill myself trying.
    My parents say that I am fat.
    They are the only ones that say it to me and they should be looking at themselves.
    As long as people are fit and healthy there shouldn’t be a problem

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I agree Walker, there is some heavy brainwashing and it’s going on right from the beginning when we’re small children. We are fead with it while we’re growing up, that’s why it sticks like glue on us. It’s a pity because it creates so much problems and agony, totally unnecessary!

    skye UNITED STATES said:

    Great post, MrsL!

    Being overweight most of my adult life, I never used to look at the other side either until one day when the company I used to work for treated us to a day at an amusement park. It had some water rides, but there was no way they were gonna catch me in a bathing suit…lol. But I was willing to take some pictures of my co-workers in them, and one of them was this really skinny woman. I didn’t understand why she was protesting so much. After all, she wasn’t fat. She didn’t have rolls of fat hanging outside her bathing suit. But the more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me; she was as self-conscious for being so skinny as I was for being so fat. And after that, I stopped teasing her for all the extra food she had stored in her desk drawers, and making comments about wishing I had her problem of keep losing weight.

    It’s easy to forget, though, so thanks for the reminder :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks skye :-) Of course, it always like that: the skinny one wants more fat, the one with curly hair want straight hair and so on…. Humans are never satisfied hey…?

    brandy UNITED STATES said:

    I so totally agree with this! so many girls are tricked into losing weight just cuz they see it on tv and they don’t think that any way else is right. Fat or skinny doesn’t matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. What’s on the inside is the only thing that should matter!!:lol:

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Well said brandy :-)

    lulu UNITED KINGDOM said:

    I have been searching for this website and i hope i came to a right place. as we all knew that somepeople like to judge others on the their apprearance. some will come 2 u and say u looking soo good, like u body etc..:smile: and the next day u met another person/s sayin you are so skinny :sad:
    personaly, i think being skinny is the same as being overweight or even worse. skinny people like me dont have shape, size etc. in general is not fair to judge people on their look, cos it hurts inside being called skinny/fat.

    lacy UNITED STATES said:

    all i have to say is TRUE TRUE TRUE! 5 foot 5 and 94 pounds…shopping for jeans is a nightmare…….

    Lifecruiser: I don’t know why they are so narrow minded in the clothes (and shoe!) industry, they loose a lot of customers that way, by not having enough difference in the sizes. I know I would habe bought a lot of more clothes IF I had found fitting ones!

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