Tagged again by Sharlet and this time it was a difficult one. I mean, it’s like asking some normal person to list 6 normal things about her/him…

How to choose only 6 Weird Things About Me…?

1. I’m an Elite weird freak geek.
2. I would probably die without olives.
3. I’m a hungry monster and a petoholic.
4. I once told my family and friends that they were only allowed to phone me or visit me if they were really BORING, because laughing would be my fall.
5. I once had my halfnekkid bikini picture on this blog.
6. I once showed my tits in public.

How about YOU????? Have anything to confess?

4 Comments on “Six weird things about me”

    Happy and Blue 2 said:

    Umm..I once ate only peanut butter sandwiches for my supper..
    Kind of pales in comparison to your confessions,tee,hee..

    Well, because I’m so darn crazy, it sounds to me like you wished to be an elephant *lol*, since they love peanuts…. Wonder for what reason you wanted that ;-)

    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    These are weird things indeed, hehe. I’d have to ask around about weird things that I do, because I think everything I do is just true to my silly little self. Others would of course disagree (like phanom-waving in the queue of the supermarket: you wave to someone who isn’t there and everybody tries to find that person and thinks you’re cool because you know so many people, haha).

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that’s silly *lol*. hm… I wonder what they would say about me… Better not to ask!

    Kasia said:

    You are wonderfully weird:) In the most wonderful way I can imagine. cheers

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, I take that as a HUGE compliment :-)

    astrid GERMANY said:

    They are hilarious! Love your weird things :) . Hugs!

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