We have something in common, sickness and I, we both like to travel. The difference is that sickness likes to travel inside bodies…

Yes, unfortunately the stomach flu has arrived here at this home. We suspect that it’s the Norovirus, which is doing it’s “around the world tour” obviously. YUK.

I read in the News that “Outbreaks are common in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and cruise ships”. How appropriate with an outbreak at the Lifecruiser ship… They say it has increased further the last two weeks here in Sweden.

Mr Lifecruiser got it Friday at midnight and is still quite ill, I’m still waiting to get it. Even in this case I hate waiting, I just want it over and done!

There is very little chance that I’ll avoid to get ill since it’s so highly contagious and you know how close we two are, besides that I always get everything.

I’m not feeling that well already, having problems to eat properly and a terrible headache, tired as I had run the marathon or something. All I can do right now is to lay on the sofa watching TV – between serving my darling what he needs.

(You should know, that I almost never watch TV normally – only travel programs!)

Oh, and there is a lot of cleaning and washing hands going on, since that’s the only thing we can do against the contagion. I tell you, my hands looks like a real cleaning lady’s by now, very chappy indeed.

Writing this is a real test of strength, but you already know that I’m stubborn as a red pig ;-)

Captain Lifecruiser

Update: I didn’t get the full “version” of the stomach flu, but I’m still not well. Very exhausted. Excuse me for not visiting you as I use to!

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    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    Well, here’s hoping you only get the tourist version of the flu – not the “first class” stuff with all the trimmings ya know. Get busy, drink lots of fruits juices, stock up on chicken noodle soup and such and rest! So you get back on your feet in record time.

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    Maribeth said:

    I had that two weeks ago and I suffered something fierce! I sipped ginger ale, some flat coke and herbal tea. Rest, get fluids in, as much as you can and feel better soon.

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    Heather said:

    When I was at the doctor yesterday she mentioned to me, since I’m always around the kids with sickness coming from schools, to always wash the hands and put antibacterial soap on them. That’s what she says she does when she is around sick people all day. So you are WAY ahead already! Guess you’ll need lots of lotions too. She mentioned lots and lots of rest and taking vitamins and lots of fluids too. Hopefully you won’t get it! Good luck, and I hope Mr. L. feels better! Sending hugs! ((()))

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    I’m sorry there is sickness in your household. We always get flu shots to avoid the flu. I just hate being sick and usually have a cold once a year. I’ve been very lucky. Rest and drink lots of fluids if you can. Big hug. :)

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    Caledonia said:

    UGH! Hope you guys get better soon! I’ve managed to escape so far…

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    Sanni said:

    :shock: Oh my, I´m sorry to hear this. If it´s the Noro Virus he´ll get rid of it soon. We´ve brought ours home from Spain. Luis had been the first one infected and handed it over to Frank and me. It lasted one and a half day and sucked big time… but thereafter we´ve all been fine again.

    I know, it´s ugly… best wishes to Mr Lifecruiser. Hope you will not be infected.

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    A. said:

    That’s not nice at all! I hope you get over it really quickly. There is a lot of it about, and I noticed this morning when I went to visit my mother, that there is a notice up for all visitors to use the anti-bacterial wipes provided.

    Best wishes to you both.

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    Kango said:

    True that waiting for a viral sickness is worse than the actual sickness. I still remember when I was a kid and my elder brother got chickenpox. Waiting for it was a nightmare, everytime I looked at my brother, I used to start feeling really sick…Hope Mr. Lifecruiser gets well real soon.

    Gattina said:

    I misunderstood something I thought you got it already. Poor girl, it’s not something I want to have too, lol ! So far I haven’t heard about it here in Belgium, everybody suffers more from Bronchitis, and the hospitals are full. I had too.
    I used the Cyber Cruise blog again (to suggest a visit to Petra) and finally it’s almost the same as Blogger. I am so happy that the days are getting longer the end of the dark tunnel is in view !

    RennyBA said:

    Glad you are a stubborn then – not good news but thanks for keeping us posted and please get well sooon – all of you!

    Btw: You’ve been tagged and you can read all about it in my last post:

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    TorAa said:

    Wow – gosh – that’s the only thing we in our age – passed 30 – hehe – do noy stand. But you should be happy you are not
    on a long distance flight. Or on Autobahn and need to “Fly out”.

    PS. Need your help to convert to WP. I’m dump as a shrimp. Even our Cats are miewing. Oslo?

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    Debbie said:

    I am not sure how I missed this post as much as I was on the computer this weekend! You poor thing! Seems you and I just keep the yuks at arms lengths all the time. I find it hard to just bounce back so I know how hard it has to be for you!

    Get better soon, and tell Mr. Lifecruiser I hope he too is starting to feel better! :wink:

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    Lifecruiser said:

    About the cuber cruisers: really you should try to create an user account there – you don’t have to convert from Blogger to, you can have an account there anyway!

    Just go there and sign up with TorAa as username. There is not much you have to write to get an account, takes max a minute. I can’t do it for you since it’s going to use your emailaddress too, otherwise I would.

    You just have to type in your preferred username: TorAa, a password, an emailaddress and:

    - to tick the box that says: Just give me a username please. (No blog is created then)

    Then tell me that you have done it and the emailaddress you used and you’ll get two emails, one from me and one from WP saying that you’re added to the Cyber Cruisers blog as a Author and the few instructions I have for it.

    It’s really very much alike Blogger when you’re in there.

    I’m so sorry, I’m having so much problems in my life right now with my sister and her daughter as well as not feeling well myself so I can’t guide you more than that for the moment.

    Just start with this and we’ll take the questions along the way, OK?

    Philippinen Reisen said:

    hahaha nice one there…

    Nick said:

    As some others have done I wholeheartedly recommend ginger for nausea and stomach issues – it has been something I used for a long time, and recently a University of Michigan study has suggested it has more power to help with these issues than previously thought.

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