Remember the rules? To go shopping for the cruise ball, butt NOT post the ball dress you ended up with for the cruise ball the 14th! (See the post below this)

A good thing when shopping is to have some one with you that you trust when it comes to taste in clothes and what’s fitting you – and is honest enough to tell you the truth about the clothes you try on!

So I take Mr Lifecruiser with me and he is darn good at it!

When it comes to shopping I’m always shopping with my heart. If my heart isn’t up to it – I’ll go home instead of buying something I’ll regret afterwards.

It’s all about the attitude – as in every thing else – if you make it fun, it IS fun!

Lifecruisers shopping 1

When I go shopping, I’m almost never buying something in the most wellknown Swedish store H&M. It’s not by choice of me, it’s just that they never seem to have clothes I want to buy! Very often they feel a bit simple to me if I should be honest, which I always am.

Lifecruisers shopping 2

I love to do a lot of windowshopping and especially when they’re good at windows decorations, that could be half my shopping pleasure! I don’t even have to like the clothes in the window, just the way they’ve put it all together on display.

Lifecruisers shopping 3

These two windows above are actually from Ireland and not from Sweden. I just love the colors in them :-)

I also love to go to unusual shops or boutiques, which not belong to all those big chains of stores and brands. I do wish that it could be more of them around!

Lifecruisers shopping 4

Especially with medevial clothes or other old clothes, masquerade dresses, butt with some style and class, not too cheap ones!

Lifecruisers shopping 8

If we were thrown back in time to the thirties, we would be shopping for evening gowns like these ones above!

I happened to stumble upon those interesting objects when out shopping here in Stockholm. I like the photos of them, butt it gives me some real shivers when thinking of buying any of those…

Lifecruisers shopping 5

I just can’t stand too much colors or patterns mixed in the same thing or place! And plastic?! No, no! No class at all!

Lifecruisers shopping 6

Rain boots with fur? How practical is that! *giggles*

Lifecruisers shopping 7

I was thinking of what I should wear on my feet on the ball… and what handbag would fit the ball dress…..? Hm…… Should I buy this combined one above? What do you say?

Or what about this one:

Lifecruisers shopping 13

When it comes to art in any kind, I could easily fill up a whole ship and sink it…. There is so much interesting pieces. This is a fine pice of glass art (sorry, no name of the artist or anything) that I both find disturbing and brilliant at the same time!

Lifecruisers shopping 9

When I buy something I have choosen it very careful, considering everything about it. There shouldn’t be any doubt at all.

Lifecruisers shopping 10

Yes, it was time for some real chocolate – we’re so worth it and I must avoid starving to death while shopping ;-)

When shopping, it’s so easy to get distracted from the real goal for the shopping and that’s totally fine with me. I enjoy every moment of it and I can only ascertain that it’s in that moments I’ve found my best shopping objects!

*whispering* Sssschhhh! Come closer! I’ll let you in on a secret! As I’m not allowed to show you what ball dress I ended up buying, I’ll let you see what I might wear under the ball dress, butt don’t tell anyone ;-)

Lifecruisers shopping 11
Lifecruisers shopping 12

This wonderful lingerie set made by Chantelle costs about 1000 Swedish Crowns ($145), butt I tell you: it’s so worth it! They just fit me like they were made for me! I wish all my clothes were so fitting like this one is! (I actually had to buy two of them just in case, because you’ll never know if I can find something like them later!)

Of course there were some suspicious (for the clerks) moments when Mr Lifecruiser joyned me in the changing rooms in the stores… *giggles*

So now to the big question: did I find my dress for the cruise ball the 14th?

Yes! It’s a magnificent dress and I only had to try 1.478 dresses on, in 353 boutiques, to find it ;-)

All I can say is that it won’t be this one:

Lifecruisers shopping 14

Normally I’m not that fond of orange dresses – on myself, but this one could have made me consider it. Or is it the model that makes it so beautiful….? Hm….

Lifecruisers shopping end

Of course, when doing this kind of major shopping, I also had to recharge my batteries or fill up the gas thank…. *lol*

I hope you had as much fun shopping as I had – now I’m really exhausted after this long day and will really be in need of that Spa Day tomorrow Friday!

No rules, just make up your own Spa Day in a post on your blog and come over and tell us about it!

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7 Comments on “Shopping with the heart”


    Woot! I got my shopping almost done! Go check out what I passed on here. ICL Cyber Cruise Shopping

    Looks like you had a good day, even in the change rooms and all!

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Maybe this is my problem… I did not shop with my heart. My heart is ONLY in shopping for hats and handbags… NOT shoes or gowns! I DO like your castaway orange gown though… …. …. where did you see that at? It matches my naturally curly red hair…

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Now you got me! With that Chantelle set and the matching boots and handbag it might take quite a long time before I’ll even notice your dress.
    Did anybody say something about men as hunters? LoL

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    I LOVE to shop!!! The Hubbs of course would rather watch paint dry. :wink: There is nothing more exciting than being weighed down with fancy handled carrier bags ( no plastic!) and dog tired from spending money!:lol: Have to get ready for the spaaaaaaa.

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Interesting things you showed there ! But when I have to buy something for me, I prefer to go alone. If somebody comes with me, I can’t concentrate and would buy something which I would regret afterwards. And Mr. Gattino is more than useless, to quickly get over this tackle, he would find a potatoe bag beautiful on me ! And he gets on my nerves because he is sighing deeply all the time while looking at the ceiling ! But I like to go shopping with a friend …. for her !

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Coooooool! I´d choose the lingerie and decorate myself with the sandwich all over *LOL*

    Captain Ma´am – you´ll find yourself nominated for the “Thinking Blogger Award” when visiting me.

    Shop Ahoy!

    estarla said:

    I can say I have a really hard time finding something at H&M, too! I can’t relate to the overwhelming popularity of the store. I actually have a blouse to return that I bought for $25 USD because I was too lazy to stand in the long line for the fitting room and thought it would fit so I just went ahead and bought it. The one thing I find I like doesn’t even fit right!

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