What kind of paintings have true travelers hanging on the home walls? Yes, travel related paintings like those two ship deck passengers – it could have been us two…

lifecruiser-ship-deck passenger paintings

Those two paintings are hanging on our bedroom wall, above our desks where we have our computers, so when at home not traveling we can look at them, lucky ones, standing on deck looking out.

©Lifecruiser Love Ship Photos

4 Comments on “Ship Deck Passenger Paintings”

    Gina said:

    Ahoy! I had to stop and see why you had my silhouette on your bedroom wall, lol! Love these pictures and the headless one is a riot!

    al said:

    love it!! this picture represents the time when there was class in travelling ;)


    Thanks! Glad to see you Gina, long time no see :-)


    Oh yes, Al, definitely more classy travelling!!! Sometimes I wish to go back in time….

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