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Share your scare with us! Dig forward your (or others) skeletons from the closet and tell us in a blog post or leave a link in the comments. All bloggers are scary welcome :-)

It doesn’t necessary have to be a Halloween scare – like mine isn’t, because we haven’t been celebrating Halloween for long here in Sweden.

The Burglar Scare

This happened when I was a teenager in the seventies and still lived with my parents in an apartment in the suburbs of Stockholm. My elder siblings had already moved away from home.

An early morning I’m sitting there at the kitchen table all alone, only my Mom was at home and she was still sleeping. I had made my breakfast ready before going to school.

The breakfast was on the table already: a big cup of Tea and six (!) ready sandwiches on a long row at the side of the cup.

Suddenly I heard a barely audible noise at the front door. The strange thing was that I hadn’t heard any noise in the common hallway before that, so naturally, my hair stood right out in my neck of fear!

I listened, holding my breath, to the person trying the door handle very, very slowly to see if the door was unlocked. It wasn’t. I then heard how the person try a key in the lock – that didn’t fit.

By now, I was already convinced. It was a burglar. My heartbeats were pounding real hard by now. My body started to shake real bad too.

What to do? I was only a young girl!

I couldn’t go and wake up my Mom, because she was sleeping in the other direction so I had to pass the front door if going to her and would I be fast enough to avoid the burglar? I didn’t know how fast he was operating.

The burglar kept on pottering with the door lock and I felt really under pressure, what to do? What to do? Hide some where? But where? This was a small apartment!

Then I heard him succeed with the lock. He very, very slowly opened the door….

I quickly ran the other way – into the bedroom. Meanwhile I could hear him tiptoe to the room where my mother were sleeping, obviously stopping in the opening, but not going in there.

Oh no, he went into the hallway to the kitchen!!!!

Needless to say, I panicked.

I sneaked into my bed and pulled the blanket over my head!!! Laying there, shaking like a leaf in the fall winds and listening to him tiptoe his way through the hallway and into the kitchen.

Damn! My tea cup and all the sandwiches! He was bound to know now that some one was around and awake here! Oh, why didn’t I put them away???!!!!

So he continued into my bedroom and by now I thought the whole bed were shaking! I heard his sneaking steps coming towards my bed! Help me some one!

I’ve never ever been so scared in my whole life. You know, when being that scared, you’ll never know what you’re doing, you’re not thinking rationally.

So when I understood that he stopped in front of my bed, instead of waiting until he took away my blanket, I jumped up facing the fear eye to eye!!!

And scared the hell out of my sister Anne…. *giggles*

Then we fell, double folded, hysterical giggling together on the bed. Needless to say, very, very revealed both of us.

She hadn’t told us that she had an early appointment at the dentist nearby and since she was too early and still had her key (which weren’t fitting very well) she thought that she would come and visit us.

When she came to the kitchen and saw all the sandwiches, she thought I had become ill and went to my bed to see how it was with me.

The feeling of an intruder in your home, is one of the biggest scares, taking away your safety totally!

I’ll never understand why I just didn’t take a knife from one of the kitchen drawers and placed myself behind the kitchen door. Then of course – what would I have done with the knife? Little me that can’t hurt a fly? *giggles*

I never ever want to be under cover that way again…. *giggles*

This afternoon, I got a letter saying that this dentist mentioned above, has very sudden passed away (she is about my age) and they are contacting all her old patients and since my mother were that, I got this. I take care of all her correspondence.

How about that strange coincidence?

The Ghost House Scare Flare

A long time ago, I went to the local amusement park, Gröna Lund, here in Stockholm, where they just had opened a new Ghost House that was said to be very scary. They had hired ghosts wandering around there scaring the visitors. Quite frightening actually, so the had to change that later on because people got too afraid… *giggles*

Anyway, I went there with my ex. He has humor too, so he decided to try to scare the ghosts instead of the opposite. It was difficult though because there were so many visitors, so he decided to have some fun meanwhile.

So when there was a couple, with the woman in front, approaching us from behind, he jumped all the way to the roof screaming like he was scared of one of the ghosts. And then he told her: Oh, I thought it was one of the ghosts….

No need to say that the woman were NOT happy to hear that… *giggles*

At last he waited around a mirrored corner for one of the most horrifying ghosts to pass him and when he rounded the corner, my ex jumped forward screaming with a scary deep voice. No need to say, the ghost really pee’d his pants!

It took a long time before he stopped shaking and he was repeating all the time: Wow, so scared I got!

Me? I blended in perfectly among the ghosts… *giggles*

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23 Comments on “Share Your Scare”

    Sword Girl said:

    Hello Captain! :-)

    Here is my Halloween scare:

    The Spirit in the Pin.

    I’ve gotta get the kids situated, so I’m gonna be reading all the stories in the morning. :-@

    Vjai said:

    Hey captain!!! Must the post be definitely on halloween scare or can it be any other horrifying thing that happened in me life?? If I can write some incident like the burglar incident, plz comment yes… So, that i will write some incident.. Thank u…

    Lifecruiser said:

    Vijay, of course, just a post where you have been scared or scared somebody else, that’s OK. It doesn’t have to be related to Halloween :-)

    Gattina said:

    My combined Thursday 13 horror story is ready ! Watch the blood on the kitchen floor !!

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    My “Scary Story” – “A Drum Roll, Please” is up on my place now too! It isn’t a halloween story per se – just about a nite when my step-granddaughter thought we had a ghost in the house. Who knows? Maybe we really do and just don’t realize it.

    Jeni Hill Ertmer’s last blog post..A Drum Roll, Please!

    thebluestbutterfly said:

    Mine is up. Things that might scare me…I hope that you find them entertaining.

    thebluestbutterfly’s last blog post..Vigil at the Top

    .: mar said:

    I need to go to the gym before I read this… I came over shortly to “borrow” the scary link, bwaaaahhhhhhh.
    Oh, you have that clever plugin, love it, love it!!

    .: mar’s last blog post..wordless wednesday [71]: can’t miss it, even in French!

    .: mar said:

    No, no, the current post is this one!!

    .: mar’s last blog post..wordless wednesday [71]: can’t miss it, even in French!

    claudie said:

    What a scary story!!! Poor little girl! I understand why you don’t forget it! And the second one: hilarious! I imagine the poor woman when yourx said that to her! She had to hate him at this moment! Ha!Ha! Vive Halloween!

    claudie’s last blog post..Potatoes party!

    saboma said:

    Oooooooooo, Captain. Boooooooooo!
    Come on down and see What the heck, why not? and bring some leftover skin for that poor girl, will you?

    While you’re there, don’t forget to say hello to the boyz afterwards. They’re having wimmen problems.


    saboma’s last blog post..What the heck, why not?

    Kat said:

    That sounds like a fun place to visit!!

    Here’s my scare…actually there’s a couple of stories (they may not be that scary)!

    Kat’s last blog post..Share your scare!!

    Toni said:

    Oh wow, i could almost imagine how scared you got out there in the first story. What a relief that it was your sister at the end. I was almost tempted to read the end so I’ll know that it went alright in the end.- Great story.. loved the happy ending :)

    Toni’s last blog post..Project House

    change therapy » Blog Archive » scary! said:

    [...] new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. thanks for visiting!share your scare, says lifecruiser. a propos hallowe’en, she’s collecting stories about bloggers’ biggest scares. [...]

    isabella mori said:

    my real-life story involves a vampire with cat eyes, a young mormon from utah, teenage hormones and an old B&B. will you turn to jell-o with fright as i did? come hither …

    isabella mori’s last blog post..scary!

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Y’ know? I can’t really think of anything that has happened to me that was ‘ghostly’! But I can tell you what I did to my hubby one Halloween. He STILL reminds me that he’s gonna get even some day!!

    Anyway, on Halloween we always watch ‘spooky’ movies. And this on particular Halloween we watched a movie that had an evil doll. It was showing up everywhere!!! At one point, near the end of the movie the doll was found sitting on the stairway, on one of the steps….it’s head slowly turned around to ‘face the camera’………and it was all made up. Real gory. While he was [hubby that is] having his last cigarette for the evening, I ran into the bathroom and made my face up JUST LIKE THE EVIL DOLL! And went to bed. He came in, read a book for a while, and reached over to give me a good night kiss……..And I rolled toward him to reciprocate, and he almost lost it….Good thing he had on some old boxer shorts!!! Poop!!! I scared the living daylights out of him. AND funny part of it all….the next day, when he went to work he told all his co-workers what I did to him….and they all thought it was a GOOD PRANK and laughed themselves silly….while hubby sulked. HE didn’t think it was funny.

    Melli said:

    Ohhhh LC… I really don’t HAVE a scary story! I am going to save my thing for Halloween night — because it really is a Trick-Or-Treat thing! I DID find it though! I will put it up on the 31st! Okay?

    Melli’s last blog post..The Numbers Are Dropping…

    Sanni said:

    YAY! Love both stories, especially the funny outcome of #1 – lots of “brain-cinema”, beginning with the six sandwiches and ending with the screeeeeeam *LOL*.

    I´m up with a little thing scaring the sh*t out of me. Sp… SP…


    P.S.: Yes, I´m usually working fast, especially when it´s so much fun. How about a Halloween Urban Lgends Special? Let me know what you think and I´ll come up with a few buttons.

    Sanni’s last blog post..Share Your Scare

    RennyBA said:

    Sorry, no scary post tonight :-( but I love yours and now I don’t know if I can get any sleep tonight *giggles*

    I included some link love in my post tonight though – so the party announcement is going on Captain :-)

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Autumn Glory in the Adirondacks

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks everybody, so far every one has played along real well after best possibility! I love all of your posts and I do understand if you don’t have posted anything either – we do have real life to take care of and can’t always find the right thing to post either, so relax, I still love ya’ll :-)

    Sanni, I’ll come back to you in the matter of Urban Legends in a minute :-)

    Sword Girl said:

    This has been really fun!!! I still have a few stories to catch up with tomorrow. There aren’t enough hours in the day. :sigh:

    Sword Girl’s last blog post..TT 18 – random pictures

    chase said:

    Scary but a bit funny when it comes to the revelations! I had a similar experience about someone wanting to come in but I will write about this on my scary story!

    chase’s last blog post..The Comment Whore Week #16

    that frolicsome kid said:

    Okay, the first story was kind of scary but I’m glad it was your sister at the end. However, I was freaked out by the twist at the very end. That was a very scary coincidence. =O

    Hmm… I don’t recall scary experiences at this time. I only remembered getting scared watching a movie called Urban Legends. It was freaky! But I didn’t like the ending – the murderer didn’t die. =(

    that frolicsome kid’s last blog post..Exams!

    Deborah said:

    Good to hear a happy ending to a scary story with your sister :-)

    I wrote scary spook post to join in, but didn’t have time to come back to share until now:

    Deborah’s last blog post..Bats Not the Insidious Creatures of Myth – Bracken Bat Cave

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