The embryo for this post started at the dinner table the other day. Suddenly in the middle of a bite, I asked Mr Lifecruiser what we should have for night meal. He just shaked his head and said: “An outsider would have thought that you were a maniac.. start to talk about that in the middle of the dinner! You should be full and not thinking of food already again”. Well, an outsider won’t know that I always have to have something before I go to bed, otherwise I will be too hungry in the middle of the night and can’t sleep.

Then I remembered that it was a lot of eggs in our dinner and said: “You know, it’s a lot of eggs in this food, so there will be a lot of serious farting this evening.” That didn’t convince him about me being normal either, but hey, he should be used to it by now, after all he is married to me. At least I didn’t fart or pick my or his nose at the dinner table….

We are generally rather outspoken about everything here in Sweden, but maybe not so far as to this point of disgusting things for most of the people. And certainly not at the dinner table. Normally I don’t speak like this when we’re with other people – except Miss Ass. Lifecruiser who is as crazy as we are.

Anyway, that started a little wondering. Why does it smell like rotten eggs when farting after eating fresh eggs? If you eat other things, it doesn’t smell that way even if you do get gases from it. What is it in eggs that makes it smell so bad when it comes out? We started to joke about it, saying that “Oh, it must be because the eggs have passed two butts, the hens and ours…” and stuff like that.

But seriously, why does it smell, what is that smell?

I began to search for the answer and found out that Hydrogen Sulphide is what makes the smell of rotten eggs and it’s even produced by the bacteria in our stomach when we’ve eaten fresh eggs.

Flammable facts about flatulence:

The average human releases 0.5 to 1.5 litres (1 to 3 U.S. pints) of flatus in 12 to 25 episodes throughout the day. The primary constituents of flatulence are the non-odorous gases, in descending order of concentration, nitrogen (ingested), oxygen (ingested), methane (produced by anaerobic microbes), carbon dioxide (produced by aerobic microbes or ingested), and hydrogen (produced by some microbes and consumed by others). Odors result from trace amounts of other components (often sulphur containing, see below).

Nitrogen is the primary gas released. Methane and hydrogen, lesser components, are flammable, and so flatulence is susceptible to catching fire. Gas released mostly has a foul odor which mainly results from low molecular weight fatty acids such as butyric acid (rancid butter smell) and reduced sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and carbonyl sulfide that are the result of protein breakdown.

Source: Wikipedia

You see, there is sience in everything!

13 Comments on “Serious fart talk”

    Dave said:

    Very intresting. That hydrogen sulfide will do it every time. I did enjoy seeing the pics of the tissue in the nose again. I’m waiting for pics of the bald headed lady with tissue in the nose and ears.

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    Dave, somehow I just know that you was waiting for pics of the bald headed, but nah! There will be no bald pics until some one have come up with some really ba(l)d nickname for me! And you all are so very polite and shy so you don’t dare to call me things like that ;-)

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    First of all…I’m NOT crazy!! I just enjoy life.. life is a bit crazy though…

    Dear Mrs Life:: Just one question! The night before you had the eggs…hmm.. what were you doing during our phone conversation?? hmm.. remember..the matches… and.. have had no eggs….
    *I say no more*

    I WILL come up with some nicknames.. but..I am busy doing something else right now! You crazy life..not me!

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    Well, dear miss ass. lifecruiser, that was just ordinary farts, not with rotten eggs smell…

    Are you sure you’re not crazy? You know that it’s only sane people that admits that the’re insane??!!!

    Keep your business up….. (not there ;-)

    MrG said:

    This very interesting approach to one of the most peculiar traits of human metabolism brings to my mind nothing but more questions:
    why is it that little babies dumps not only smell, but really stink?
    As you can see, I’ve been dragged deeply into the quest for higher knowledge…

    mrhaney said:

    i use to go to denny’s blog to get educated but i am learning quite a bit from you blog even if it is about farting. i use to go to wombats site and for some reason he likes to talk about things concerning butts. why i don’t know. maybe i should direct him here because he may have missed some thing. i’ll have to drop by his blog , , and read his post archives . maybe he has covered this and i missed it. thanks for the info though.

    Walker said:

    I don’t care if you eat eggs or beans or cabbage some people can let loose some eye watering, paint peeling farts that could stop a herd of buffalos stampeding across the prairies.
    I know someone with the rude habit of doing it at the dinner table or anywhere for that matter and just says “what, it’s natural”
    I want to feed him a pot of beans and duct tape him to a chair and leave a lit candle next to him as I walk away. LOL

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    My smelling fartfriend ;) I’m not crazy…honestly! I’m an angel who lost her gloria and have had my wings removed…. that’s why I look like a bat! *lol*

    Sorry you don’t lose your hair on other places instead of the head… then you wouldn’t have to buy either shampoo OR razers…*lol*…

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    MrHaney: I’m running over there FAST!

    Walker: LOVE your solution of the problem with your friend *lol*

    Miss Ass. Lifecruiser:
    Ah, that was why you’re the batwoman!
    LOVE your “solution” of my problem too… How practical that would be *sigh*

    fartin said:

    I once ate a rather rotten old egg,
    It made me fart and poo down my leg,
    I went to the doctors to say what I’d done,
    He gave me a cork to block up my bum.

    Three weeks went by and my bum got bigger,
    I’d walk down the street and people would snigger,
    It got to the stage when I could not carry this load,
    I pulled out the plug and my bum did explode!

    Lifecruiser said:

    That was the most beutiful poem fartin, I almost got tears in my eyes when I read it… *sob*

    It was such a sad ending ;-)


    [...] 4. Easter tradition is to eat a lot of eggs, so there will naturally be a lot of rotten egg smelling farts here, as you already may have figured out. *lol* [...]

    ally bean said:

    lol. I feel so much smarter for having read this post. Thanks, I think…

    Lifecruiser: You’re welcome ;-)

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