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I was in Seville for semana santa, a few years back. Did you hear the gypsies sing? They sing a special sort of flamenco song called a saeta, especially for this night. It is quite beautiful (like all well-song traditional flamenco). And they sing it from the balconies of the medieval buildings. All very romantic. Whilst the candles burn and flowers decorate the streets etc ..

By: RennyBA RennyBA Sun, 23 Mar 2008 23:05:13 +0000 Sorry to hear about your Mom and I do understand you wanted to be with her right now.

Thanks for taking your time to share this Easter tradition from Spain anyway then. It was a fascinating read and the pictures really gives you an idea of the atmosphere.

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By: Sanni Sanni Sun, 23 Mar 2008 22:05:26 +0000 Sorry to hear about your mom… you´re mentally with her, and I´m sure she feels it! ♥

I´ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers…


P.S.: Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Easter…

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By: Kango Kango Sun, 23 Mar 2008 03:32:17 +0000 Sorry to hear your Mom’s health is deteriorating, cap’n. But nothing much you can do about it, except hope that she spends whatever days she has left happily. Speaking of happiness, glad you’re having fun there, tall and beautiful (and drunk?). :smile:

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By: Hootin' Anni Hootin' Anni Sat, 22 Mar 2008 22:36:54 +0000 Stopping by to wish you a happy Easter!

By: claudie claudie Sat, 22 Mar 2008 21:50:37 +0000 I think to you and your mother…I don’t find the good words. I know how the problem is sad. I wasn’t on the web because I was inspected. Now I feel me lighter. I imagine the special atmosphere the place you are with all the processions. A special Easter, really! The photos are beautiful.

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