I just found this web page with live web cameras in Sweden, so now you can see daily life out in Sweden LIVE!

It’s in Swedish, but you’ll have no problem to understand what to click on anyway. Only thing you need to know is that the word NY means NEW in Swedish.

If you have an own web camera in Sweden you can ask it to be included in this site too.

So, head over and have a look:

Captain Live Lifecruiser

15 Comments on “See Sweden by webcamera”

    Maribeth said:

    Oh this is the best yet! I plan to bookmark this and check it out often. Thanks for the site!!! :mrgreen:

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    Gattina said:

    I have to look at this when I have more time, it looks very interesting at the first glance. I just came back from Brugge and have to catch up the WW comments. I went there today because there is a big Ice sculpture exposition and it finishes in two days I wanted to see it absolutely and it was just great ! Really beautiful. As soon as I am ready I could take the cruisers to this exposition but put a thick coat on it was – 6°C in there !

    Lifecruiser said:

    That’s great Gattina! The only ice I’m looking forward to see ;-)

    Just let me know when it’s ready as usual and I’ll put up a link to it!

    Mar said:

    Oh, I spotted the ski resort already :cool:
    And I am looking forward to finally “see” Stockholm!! thanks for the link, Captain!

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    TorAa said:

    I say: As long as these web cams are NOT a treath against privacy, they are fully acceptable and useful. If not: BIG BROTHER.

    We have had them in Norway since about 1995. Yezz. First used by the Road Authorities, then published on Internet by News Papers and Tourist Destinations. The latter is excellent information.

    But now, they are everywhere. Published by xxx, no control. That’s scary

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    claudie said:

    Hello my Captain!
    Nice to come back on the cruise! Watching the webcam and thinking we are a little in Sweden too!!! The christmas decorations are beautiful in the night!
    Mélissa gets well now. The best she can be after a such chirurgical intervention.

    claudie’s last blog post..All in order now!

    claudie said:

    Hello my Captain
    Nice to be again on the cruise! With the webcamera we are a little in Sweeden too! The christmas decorations are beautiful in the night! Mélissa is as well as she can be after a chirurgical intervention! All is in the order now! After the storm, the calm again!

    claudie’s last blog post..All in order now!

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    That is way, way cool – get to see what various places in Sweden look like – right now! Fantastic trip for me!

    Jeni Hill Ertmer’s last blog post..Jeckel and Hyde?

    TorAa said:

    btw. I have reworked my latest post, and according to Naomi, it now works. I also thinks it was a caused problem, as I have experienced the same with other blog-friends the past 10 hours

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    Vijay said:

    Thats a pretty dark background captain!! Creepy!!! About the webbkameror pictures, they are looking pretty great!! After all, Sweden is a beautiful place too. ;) .

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    RennyBA said:

    Great feature and a lovely way to keep updated. My favourite is and you probably know why :-)

    When do you install one in your house? I mean it could be fun to see some indoors golfing from time to time LoL

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Finally snow in Oslo

    Planet Apex said:

    Wow, your new site look is awesome. It’s very beautiful.

    btw I can’t remember the exact link but you’ll find a link to a webcam that’s focued on the Egypt Giza Pyramids in this post of mine – Rare Blue Sun Phenomenon Near Giza Pyramids

    Planet Apex’s last blog post..Cloverfield Movie Pics With Next Destruction of New York City

    Bar Los Angeles said:

    :twisted: Awesome I got a chill looking at the snow ,and a thrill looking at the baby tigers (way cute!) real good idea (makes me want to travel.

    Paul said:

    So if you watch Sweeden by webcamera, would that classify as a staycation? You can see some other staycation ideas at

    Peter said:

    Nice! I didn’t know about it and I’ve been living in there for a while! More info about Sweden can be found here http://allaboutsweden,com

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