NBN, NothingButNets, UN, United Nation Foundation, save lives buy nets, refugees, malariaWould you give $10 to save a kid from dying? Of course you would! Then you have your chance NOW….

1. I got an email that instantly got stuck in my brain. An email that clearly disturbed my concentration. That practically screamed to me to write a blog post about it. That email were written by Mark Leon Goldberg at UN Dispatch.

2. It was about the United Nations Foundation‘s anti-malaria Nothing But Nets campaign, a grassroots effort to prevent malaria in Africa. Together with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) they have a huge campaign about an immediate need of 275,000 life-saving bed nets to 630,000 refugees in Africa to save their lives.

There were also a link that shows the story of refugees fight with malaria, plus an invitation to find out more in a conference call with malaria experts from the UN Foundation and the UN High Commission on Refugees, Nov 19.

3. My first reaction was that this was an unusual way to reach out, being contacted directly by email plus invited to a conference call.

I did respond well on it though. When it comes to saving lives, I don’t think anything or any method should stop us, do you…?

4. I did check it out and I must say that I got really impressed over all the work that is put into this good cause, not only by United Foundation and NothingButNets, but lots of other including private persons.

5. Then I remembered the #1 excuses I’ve heard from persons why they don’t like to donate money: they’re not sure where the money goes, if it’s eaten up by administrative costs. In this case, you don’t have to doubt:

“The United Nations Foundation is a registered public charity under section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. 100% of your donation will go to providing nets to children in Africa; no portion of your donation will be diverted for administrative costs”.

6. You can read what the United Nations Foundation says about the campaign here: United Methodists Join the United Nations Foundation in Anti-Malaria Net Distribution Effort

7. Read these horrible Buzzkill Facts from NothingButNets:

“Each year, malaria afflicts approximately a half-billion people (roughly the population of the United States, Canada, and Mexico combined), kills more than a million per year and 90 percent of those who die are children”.

8. What about a vaccine? It isn’t there yet. Those insecticide treated bed nets are the quick solution as well as cheap and effective. One of those nets covers a family for years.

9. All of us need to be confronted by these kind of facts and picture proof sometimes, because we live our good protected lives and keep forgetting that such misery actually exists – or rather burying our heads in the ground like an ostrich not wanting to realize it.

We need to support humanitarianism in a much larger scale now than ever. Considering how many wealthy (comparable) people living in this world, it’s not really flattering that not more efforts are done to help other human beings in misery.

Ponder this: If we’re not doing anything, we’re actually letting other humans suffer and die, when there are such easy methods that helps.

We’re a bunch of selfish bastards…. (Excuse me, but isn’t it true?)

10. Watch the video and see how it impacts you:

11. There are several different ways to help out, which you can find at their page I’ts Easy to Help.

12. I CHALLENGE YOU to at least display a banner in your blogs sidebar to help spread the message. It doesn’t cost you anything!

(Click to go to NothingButNets banner page to download a banner. Do not link directly to the banner I have here or at their page, since that’s called “hotlinking” and is eating up their bandwidth. Host your downloaded banner somewhere like Photobucket, Imageshack)

13. Surely you can be without the candy you were going to buy and instead click the button below to go there and donate $10 – show some humanness and save a life!

NBN, NothingButNets, UN, United Nation Foundation, save lives buy nets, refugees, malaria,

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14 Comments on “Would you give 10 dollar to save a kid from dying?”

    carmen said:

    Yes, I’m one of those that gets so mad when I send money, and then they send me newsletters and mail and I’m like – use that money for the needy.

    carmens last blog post..Thursday 13 v. 71 Things About Meme


    Even an extra $10 is a lot for us right now (long story) but I can certainly add the baller to my blog if LJ with let me. It can be a pain. Thanks for chosing this imporant topic this week.

    Happy TT

    marina said:

    yes i would. i help out in the local costa rican community. poverty here is pretty bad too.
    i love how you changed your site
    See if you can find the craziest animal?
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    Kirstie said:

    Awesome thirteen. Thank you

    Kirsties last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #3 – Favorite Songs

    Brenda said:

    This is a great cause. Keep advocating for it. I have an orphanage in India I’m trying to help out. :idea:

    Brendas last blog post..Do you have dreams? Hopes that you’d like to fulfill? Then you’ll enjoy these Thirteen Optimistic and Encouraging Quotes.

    Mysti said:

    I have a good friend who runs a children’s home in Honduras — and one thing she constantly asks for is netting for the beds. I’ve sent her many :-)

    Good post!

    Noelle said:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I still have a full list of things left to do! Paraglide, hang glide, surf, scuba dive, go on a weightless flight, (or fly in space,) I’d rather fly in space, but if I can’t, a weightlesss flight would be close enough.

    Noelles last blog post..Thursday 13 5

    Ling said:

    Great post, captain. I’ll do what I can. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also doing excellent work to reduce deaths by Malaria. You should read their work and see how you can help.

    Tini said:

    It is wonderful to know that ALL the money goes where it should. I am leery to donate to a lot of causes these days, for fear my money is ALL going to “administrative costs.” Great TT.

    Tinis last blog post..Thirteen Things I Wish I Could Do

    Gattina said:

    For the moment I prefer to help out here. We still have too much poor people in Belgium and there are also children in need.
    BTW from tomorrow on you will find me in Egypt at the Red Sea !!
    I’ll post from there.

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Cecil Lee said:

    Great information Lifecruiser. Apart from your great sense of humour, I’m delighted to see the sentimental part of you which has left me no reasons for not putting the banner on my blog :wink:

    p/s: I shall read more on the story once I got back from Shanghai a week later :smile:

    Cecil Lees last blog post..Golfer Travel Destination – Hilton Head Island

    colleen said:

    I can buy a net. I love the low tech simpleness of it and I see the need. I copied the address down because I hate to buy stuff online. Thanks for the heads up.

    SwordMama said:

    Will definitely help out as much as we can and will put the banner up for the beautiful children. Whatever can help them!

    SwordMamas last blog post..J has upgraded my WP for me…

    arshad said:

    i would do my best to help them.I have always wanted to help orphan kids.

    arshads last blog post..Learn how to make money on internet and blogging through these resources

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