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One of the things we love the most with Spain, is the delicious mouthwatering Sangria’s. This was some we had at Tenerife Island on our latest trip.

They tasted well then, but now? The temptation within this photo doesn’t even make me drool! Yes, you know something is wrong with you, when this happens.

My regular readers would instantly know that. Me, not at all drooling over that Sangria? That is worrying.

I’m still coughing and have head- and muscle aches, so I’m mostly being a couch potato. I guess it’s taking me longer time than usual to recover from the flu.

Which means you have to wait a bit more for the rest of the travel reports and travel photos from Tenerife.

Lifecruiser Sangria

10 Comments on “Sangria Temptation Fail”


    Oh my, I know you well enough to know you are sick if Sangria won’t make you drool. Get better soon. You’ve been sick long enough. You have travel to do that all of us what to read about.

    Big hug. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Check Your Child’s Homework

    SwordMama said:

    I hope you feel better soon Captain! ((()))

    Gennaro said:

    Delectable. Even nicer with a little Paella :grin:

    Gennaros last blog post..6 Steps To A Lucky Chinese New Year

    Ling said:

    This is a very serious situation. Have to do something. Maybe if you increased the number of Sangria’s in the picture, it might help to make you drool. Or you could get drunk enough so that you’re seeing 4 of everything. That should work too. :mrgreen:

    Puss in Boots said:

    Yes, I can understand that. I really enjoy a glass of wine but if I’m sick, I go right off it. Hope things improve for you soon.

    Puss in Bootss last blog post..May be One or Two Showers

    DianeCA said:

    Oh my goodness!! Not tempted by Sangria you are sick! You have been in contact with the doctor I hope! :shock:

    DianeCAs last blog post..Horsing around on a Sunday afternoon


    Feel better soon! Maybe you need to drink the cold away?

    Mark H said:

    Parts of Australia are reaching 45 degrees Celsius today so it certainly is making me drool. I hope the Captain recovers soon.

    Mark Hs last blog post..Top Ten Hidden Travel Wonders of Paris – Part Two

    Jet Set Life said:

    Sangria’s are one of those drinks everyone has to experience. As we travel for our video shoots……we have tasted Sangria’s from many places. Nice post!

    Toni said:

    oh so sorry to hear that you weren’t able to enjoy this nice photo of sangria.. maybe next time then

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