Sand tracks in Sanlucar by Lifecruiser
Sand tracks, Sanlucar, Spain, 2008.

Tired of the winter here in Sweden I have sand on my mind. Lots of sand. Beaches. *sigh*

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    Ling said:

    You sound like an Antarctic Penguin who wants to be a star at Sea World in Orlando. I didn’t know winters in Sweden were that brutal. :mrgreen:

    Mar said:

    :: sprinkling Med sand all over your carpet in your living room ::

    GregR said:

    Me too, I am here in Toronto, it is 7C below and I cant wait for summer

    claudie said:

    Thinking sunday, Pierre wants to have a little trip with Kalle and Anaïs on the island Porquerolle where there is a marvelous beach called “Silver beach” because the sand has this colour! another paradise! :grin:
    Love your picture. sand after the passage of the sea or of the wind?

    Gattina said:

    Warm sand ….. what a nice dream !!

    Charles Ravndal said:

    I am a complete opposite since I don’t really like beaches or warm weather and I am just happy that in a couple of weeks i’ll be back in the cold north where I truly belong. I am such a snow queen hahahahha

    Lifecruiser said:

    Hm, I think it must have been the passage of the wind that caused it Claudie, it was too high up on the beach for the sea to have been there. I think…

    Caroline said:

    I’m with you on that one!

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