We had planned for a picnic lunch with Jane another day this week, but had to sudden change plan to go to a Tapas restaurant because of heavy rain flooding. Since we had seen one we were interested of earlier, San Leandro Tapas at Sveavägen 74, we went there despite having trouble finding parking for our car.

Sweden: Tapas in Stockholm

It was definitely worth the trouble! The interior is light, fresh and modern with suitable art on the walls, the staff and service great and the food excellent – to a very reasonable price too.

We ordered 3 Tapas plates each, for 125 SEK (approx $18 or €15) per person, plus some different choices of drinks (Me: Sangria!) and desserts which of course made it cost a bit more. Still reasonable though to be a restaurant in Stockholm.

I also loved that they have Cava Nights (Yay!), Catering, Live Music and Afterwork. Smart of them. I’d love to go again, both to the Cava Nights and the Live music – another time. For those who are visiting Sweden and staying in a hotel in Stockholm, I would suggest you check out San Leandro Tapas Restaurant.

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    Ginnie said:

    Every time I try tapas somewhere I have a lot of fun eating them, LCT. Hmmm. I’m sure we could find some places here where we live…if we look.

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