We have so many travel photos to sort from our Baltic Cruise from Stockholm to St Petersburg, that I have to throw in a post in between with just the souvenir photos from a souvenir shop in St Petersburg.

Russia, Saint Petersburg Souvenirs

What could be more typical Russian, than those Russian Matryoshka dolls with former Soviet leaders?

The first Russian nested doll set was carved already in 1890, so it’s along tradition for sure, but since the 1990s matryoshka dolls have been facing a downward spiral, so it may stop eventually when there is no one left with the skills.

Did I buy any souvenir? No, I make my own souvenirs with the photos I take! You can see all Lifecruiser St Petersburg Souvenir Photos in Flickr.

Stay tuned to read more about our sightseeing time in St Petersburg – which included an Idiot (or maybe more) and Russian Vodka!

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2 Comments on “Saint Petersburg Souvenirs”

    Ginnie said:

    I LOVE nested dolls, LCT, and in fact had quite a collection before I moved to the Netherlands. I ended up selling them all…sadly. But they were fun to have while I had them. :)

    keybored said:

    I have to say that a set of nested soviet supreme leaders would be a fabulous conversation piece. I have to wonder if they are all there, or if anyone has been “disappeared.”

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