Saint Paul de Vence is a fascinating medieval village on the top of a hill in the Southeastern France, not far from Nice. Despite it being such a popular tourist attraction, it still got it’s own medieval atmosphere inside those fortified walls.

Saint Paul de Vence view, France

As Claudie said: especially because of all the artists who used to stay there, as the painters Modigliani, Matisse, Chagall, the poet Prevert and the writer Giono.

Saint Paul de Vence is full of art to explore. Unfortunately we can’t share it all with you since not many allow you to take photos of the objects.

Saint Paul de Vence art object, France

The painter Chagall is buried at the cemetery – which has the loveliest view even though there is breathtaking views all around this village.

Saint Paul de Vence cemetery view, France

Even the American writer James Baldwin has visit there, he lived as an expat in France and actually died in St Paul de Vence in 1987.

In such good company you can’t do anything else than feeling happy and admire this gorgeous village with all it has to offer.

So many arts galleries, craft shops and other shops to explore! I actually bought 2 blouses over there even though I’m sure it’s too expensive there comparing to other places.

Though that is not what makes this village special. It’s the medieval character that still is there.

Saint Paul de Vence alley, France

Who wouldn’t fall in love with all those picturesque narrow cobblestone streets and ancient fountains and stone facades…?

Sure, there are many tourists, but look beyond this and you’ll find a treasure!

We will show you with some photos even though photos are NOTHING compare to seeing it live.

I recommend seeing this Saint Paul de Vence photo slideshow at Flickr too.

If you’re going there, you will find all about St Paul here. Information about it’s history, shopping, art galleries, attractions and restaurants etc.

LifecruiserSt Paul de Vence

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    DianeCA said:

    The mountains are so picturesque in the background surrounding this charming village. Lets go back there, shall we. We can kidnapp Claudie once she has had a little time with her girls and go exploring. She won’t mind ;-)

    TorAa said:

    I wanna go back and visit this charming village
    say no more but call


    Well, from seeing it alive; you’re presentation and the fab pics is very close – thanks for taking us with!

    Btw: Congrats with the new bottom tool bar! I envy you :-)

    Gattina said:

    I think I have to go there once too. I always went to Italy and not to the South of France. It looks the same or almost.

    Puss in Boots said:

    I absolutely loved your slide show. What a picturesque village. I almost expected a monk to appear in one of your photos…maybe a ghost from the past. Instead there were lots of tourists in modern day dress. Some of the sculptures were wonderful…oh, I could have spent a lot of money there…if I ever won Lotto that is…lol!

    Thank you for the tour of a beautiful place.

    travelmen said:

    First visit here, is really a great site. Tourism is a wonderful thing, here is a happy home for tourists. Look forward to your return visit: free travel guide

    Mark H said:

    Absolutely beautiful location. The cemetery has a stunning panormaic lookout.

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