Photo of the Saint James Church tower in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Called Sankt Jakobs kyrka in Swedish. Saint James the Greater are the patron saint of the pilgrims and travelers, so I found it very suitable in our travel blog.

Stockholm-Jacobs-church-tower, Sweden

Saint James is also said to be the Patron Saint of Spain and I would not mind at all to go on a pilgrimage in Spain instead of Sweden… at least now when the winter time will occur…

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2 Comments on “Saint Jaimes the Greater for the pilgrims and travelers”

    TorAa said:

    By some reasons I do not are able to explain, I can not remember to have seen this wonderful Church in Stockholm. I have been there several times..

    The colour reminds me of the main Church in Salta in NW Argentina…

    Azeem Ahmed @ Travel Tamed said:

    Nice place. I think Stockholm has so many wonderful places to visit. I was checking for some major waterfalls in the world and i found couple of the largest to be in Europe. It is my dream someday to go traveling to Europe.

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