This year at our summer island Gotland, Sweden, we have not been out photographing the sunset especially even once. Though I succeeded to catch the sunset at the farm one evening in a window.

Rural-sunset-window, Gotland, Sweden

It was a very special color of the sunset that evening, don’t you think? I can’t even tell what color it is…

Lifecruiser Evening Holiday Sunlight

4 Comments on “Rural Window Sunset”

    claudie said:

    Marvelous sunset picture! So original! I see really two colours in the decor!


    Yes, Claudie, very special colors. It was a wonderful sunset that evening. We hope to experience at least one more special sunset before leaving the island…

    Peter said:

    Congratulation, a very nice website and pictures here ! Are you also scuba divers ? Regards Peter


    Thanks Peter :-) No, we’re not scuba divers. Looks like a lot of fun though.

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