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Have you heard of the new backscatter scanning technique that some airports consider to install?

These kind of scanning is getting in under your clothes and shows your body contours (bones and muscles only) on a monitor, making sure that you’re not hiding anything under your clothes. It’s not like a real nude photo.

It’s supposed to shorten the lines at the security control by 4 seconds per passenger, as it is a machine and not the airport staff that are doing the security control. It may sounds like a small time gain, but if you’re hundreds of passengers, every little minute counts.

The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration are not planning any scanning like this for the moment, but I’ve read that Norway’s Avinor wants to install it.

This kind of Security Scan produces the image using millimeter wave reflection technology, so it’s not like other body scans that use a x-ray that goes through your body to visualize any eventual swallowed items.

The passengers privacy is respected by placing the image analyst staff who is viewing the image, in another closed room and the passenger’s head is not shown. It’s also their duty to keep secret.

Some voices are really upset over this kind of scanning and claims that it’s rude and an assault on your personal integrity.

Personally I would welcome this kind of scan if it can minimize the need for hand searches, I’d rather have a machine bouncing waves on my skin, than some stranger ;-)

I’ll never understand all this talk about integrity. I don’t have anything to hide, so for me it’s without significance. So what? Hospital staff have seen my body real naked and not only the contours, not to mention all those different kind of changing rooms I’ve been in. It’s not like they’re going to sell the images on the market….

If there is anything that can increase the security during the flights, I’m only grateful, because it’s my life they’re protecting.

I rather live with “nude” photos than risking some maniacs attack on the airplane. Some say that it’s only the beginning of all controls that will be made of us, but so what? If it’s for safety I’m all into it.

You see, I wanna live…

Have you experienced this kind of scanning? What did you think about it?

Another flight Attendant’s comment on a less than perfect landing on a flight in real life: “We ask you to please remain seated as Captain Kangaroo bounces us to the terminal.”

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    chase said:

    Oooh I prefer that kind of scanning as well rather than a person touching me unless if he is cute lol! And if it makes the stuff at the airport a little less stressfull then I welcome it with open arms and legs!

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    OldOldLady Of The Hills said:

    :shock: I must say I am glad in a way that I am unable to travel anymore..It all sounds like a nightmare! I read Tor’s post about arriving in Miami and that is outrageous…! I understand it’s about security, but they just did some kind of test at a number of airports and stuff got through that absolutely should not! So, I don’t think they have this under control yet! :roll: (my attempt at humor, LC..)

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    laketrees said:

    hmm……I don’t fly any more…..thanks to too many nerve racking trips all round the globe in earlier years …
    I think this is a step in the right direction for airport security…..and it would certainly be a time saver :)

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    Diane said:

    Anything that a) saves time and b) makes flying safer is OK by me. I’d rather have this than a physical ‘frisk’ any day! I always manage to set off the alarm somehow – I have a bracelet and a belt which always trigger the scanner. Stupidly, I always forget to take them off before I get to the machine!

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    TorAa said:

    Of Dear,
    as a once a year traveller to the land of self proclaimed Democray of the World:

    Arriving Miami and USA

    Well, the computer application they have implemented, scanning like this would be a release. In Miami last week it was 8-10 minutes per foreign visitor. haha- not surprising they loose foreign tourists.

    Yeah, It’s correct, it’s a proposal here in Norway to scan people with the new tech. But, when they also want your fingerprints and a photo —
    haha – They scanned my fingerprints and took a photo in July last year. ? gave me a tourist
    Card short: They do not have a clue – this a fake control. A Bluff.
    Think about it – after 2:30 hours my daughter called me. My cellphone was immediately brutally taken off my hand by a man with a GUN. Senior travellers that after nearly 3 hours needed to sit down – on their hand luggage – were forced up by a man with a GUN..
    Democracy? NO- TERRORISME.

    for helvede…

    Glad i dere.

    Anna and Tor

    PS. I did post a DOM – hehehe

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    Lifecruiser said:

    Sorry Tor, it’s something fishy going on with your comment – I can read the whole comment in the admin panel and it doesn’t look strange in any way to me, but it’s still not showing here. I’ve experienced this once before actually, that was a while ago. No explanation though :-(

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