We just LOVE xmas shopping! When we’re done! It’s like when you have stopped hitting yourself. It’s just so nice…

But the naked brutal truth that just hit our butts is that we aren’t done with ours yet. Phew.

Wait, I just got the most fabulous idea! Why not use our own housekeeping methods?

Which means:

1) None of us are doing any Christmas shopping

Lifecruisers xmas shopping method number one

2) Doing the Christmas shopping rude and nude
(No nude pictures unless you bribe us)

I favor number two ;-) That way I can become a new xmas star.

Think about it, what an attention we would get everywhere. In the streets, parking the car, in the stores. People might even let us pass them in the lines. Isn’t it a genius idea?

Though we have to be a bit careful with certain body parts not getting squeezed or something. Not stick out anything to far or mess with people too much.

We certainly don’t need any more red ball ornaments.

What xmas shopping method do you vote for?

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12 Comments on “Rude and nude xmas shopping”


    If you shop on-line you can do it nude. :roll:

    P.S. when are you gonna get the smileys to work properly? ~ no pressure, just curious ’cause I’m addicted to smileys… hee

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I do a lot of shopping online… *lol*

    I know, I know, those pesky not working smileys… I’ve tried about 178 things to make them work, but no good results and now I’ve even forgotten about all the things I have tried, so if I’m going to fix them now, I’ll have to start over again….

    So, I’m thinking about changing theme completely and see if it works with another theme, maybe it’s something in this themes code. Somehow I don’t believe myself when I’m saying this, but I want it to be true… *lol*

    happy and blue 2 said:

    Shopping nude in -30C weather is not a good idea. Something or things may just freeze off. Or break off if you bumped something.

    I’ll stick to the old fashioned way. Whine until someone does it for me, ha,ha..

    Lifecruiser: Eeek – don’t give me that horrible vision of things falling off!!! Over here we don’t have -30C thank god, so this method can actually work. Though we have to rush between the car and the stores to not be cold – or wet if it’s raining….

    But I do like your suggestion too, I’m just not having anyone that will pick up that whining!


    :lol: I guess I have no choice huh! Can’t vote for #1 as christmas without shopping isn’t the same. So I guess I have to vote for #2 whether I like it or not. Anyway I’m done with my shopping already. Your choices should have come up earlier so at least I didn’t have to go through the hazzle of falling in line to pay for the things I bought.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Lifecruiser: Ah, you’re a smart girl :-)

    Fro UNITED STATES said:

    Ah… shopping is stressing me out! I think being nude though, would help me let out some anger. Especially takin’ a poop in the neighbors chimney. Hahaha. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

    Lifecruiser: Maybe I should buy some trendy toilet paper too…. *LMAO*

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Definitely number 2 my dear. Go for it, if you can bare it. har de har har. LOL Watch that you don’t get frostbite though. Jack Frost likes to nip tender body parts at this time of year.

    Uhm .. you could also do #2 while shopping online! Of course that would take the rude factor out of it – and you might not be able to claim that you were the only one doing it either.

    Oh oh oh! I have written a post encouraging people to go and vote for you in the weblog awards. It’s set to post in 30 minutes. Remind people every day hun. :)

    Lifecruiser: Ooop, Jack’s better to keep his hands off or he has to deal with Mr L ;-) Ah, wonderful Tricia, that warms me up if nothing else :-) I’ll be for ever grateful…


    I have been shopping in the nude online for a few years now, and my stress levels are very low! The poor UPS guy is another story though!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    This post (and the housekeeping link) was such a relief for me! I hate both shopping and cleaning, but now you’ve told me how to make it feels good and really to enjoy it. xMas will never bee the same, neither will shopping and pushing the right button will take cloths washing into another dimension – thanks:lol:

    Btw: Was here to vote for you and I think I’ve pushed the right button :shock:

    Lifecruiser: I’m so happy that I’ve helped you out with your xmas preparations :-) There are some very fun and exciting buttons to push…. *lol*

    mar SPAIN said:

    Nudity in the cold will just make you sick, sorry about that! Just for your health’s sake I vote for no shopping. No Xmas shopping around here anyways, our Xmas vacation is our present. Clever, huh?? :)

    Lifecruiser: Ah, so THAT’s why I’ve been sick…. *lol* Good to know ;-) That idea sounds really, really clever yes. we weren’t that smart… We’re idiots. *lol*

    Chris UNITED KINGDOM said:

    I agree with no.1 Rude, nude and on the internet!

    Lifecruiser: That almost sounds like a life motto ;-) Maybe we should take on that… *lol*

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Love the Father Xmas cartoon!

    Sorry I have not been by for a while, I have been so busy!

    Just voted for you, I hope you win!


    Lifecruiser: Ah, dear Martin, lovely to see you and to hear that you voted for us, thanks x billions :-)

    Lazy Daisy UNITED STATES said:

    No wonder you’ve been sick….shopping nude in the cold will definitely do it to you. Hope your mom is better too. Got my vote girlfriend.

    Lifecruiser: He he he… Or maybe it’s all the others that are out there that get sick when they see me? *LMAO* Thanks x billions Lazy Daisy for the voting support, you’re an angel :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I always buy my gifts during the whole year when I stumble over something and then I put it away. So no Christmas shopping for me. But yesterday I saw on TV a good suggestion. If you hate Christmas Shopping do it “online” !
    Instead of showing us nude pictures you can start with you dancing like an Elf (it’s on my blog and hilarious) I came here for “Tackle it ..” but apparently you haven’t tuckled yet !

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I did xmas shop like that earlier in my life when I had a brain left ;-) The problem with online shopping is that I want to hold and squeeze everything, it might feel differnt IRL…. Ah, that Elf dance yes, it’s hilarious! *giggles*

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