Riding High
Riding High 1958. Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

Happy Eggcited Easter Holiday Ride ;-)

As Swedish Easter witch tradition prescribes, I’ve taking my ride to “Blåkulla”, which in reality is a Swedish island outside the east coast in the Baltic Sea called Blå Jungfrun (The blue virgin).

It’s uninhabited and is one of the national parks of Sweden and old rumors from sailors dated as early as 1555, is that it’s an evil and magical place where witches meet each Maundy Thursday.

According to a still living tradition, anyone who takes a stone from the island will suffer from bad luck until it is returned there again.

So that’s why I’m having all that bad luck – I must at once get rid off my whole stone collection!!!

Though I maybe should mention to you that even Carolus Linnaeus, who visited Blåkulla 1741, was very sceptical :-)

Captain broom vroom Lifecruiser

3 Comments on “Room for some broom vroom”

    Melli said:

    Easter WITCHES??? LC, I think you’ve had a few too many dances with Dom!

    Lifecruiser: See, you didn’t even know that I’m a witch! *giggles*

    Gattina said:

    Öh I know BlÃ¥ Jungfrun very well, my female ancestors were all born there and killed their husbands when they didn’t need them anymore ! One girl was enough to continue as a witch. Now I wonder why I landed here in Belgium ???

    Lifecruiser: Didn’t you get your broom license properly? It’s never a good idea to bribe the driving teacher like that! *lol*

    RennyBA said:

    Sounds like a wonderful Easter tradition – wish you a splendid and smashing time!
    Don’t mix the stones and the balls if you have time for some indoor golfing :-)

    Lifecruiser: SOME stones is just too exlusive to throw away…. *giggles*

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