One day we did a roadtrip to Slite at the Swedish island Gotland. While we were at the Slite beach, we got hungry and made a short walk over to the Slite bath house cafe.

The first time the name Slite ever was mentioned was in the 12th century. Slite was a good harbor for the Vikings, because the islands outside the coast, a small archipelago, gave them protection.

It has more history than that, but I’ll only mention that the bath house at this place later on were the rich society recreation area.

Today it’s a cafe, even though many people take a bath from the side or back of the cafe where you still can imagine how the bath house once upon a time were.

We did not, we did eat a small lunch there and hubby entertained in front of the piano. He could not resist it, so the guests got free entertainment while eating…

How to get there: from Visby,the main town in Gotland, take road 147 until you arrive in Slite.

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6 Comments on “Roadtrips: Slite bath house cafe”

    TorAa said:

    Heisann, vilke herlige minner fra en fineste sommer i manns minne. Når været er slik er jo Skandinavia verdens sommerparadis. Uten tvil.
    Til tross for det, planlegger vi etterhvert detaljer rundt vårt besøk til USA. Ser ut til at vi skal besøke mange av mine blog-venner der over, og om vi får det til også Jen og P helt oppe i Victoria på Vancouver Island i Canada, om reisekassen strekker til.
    Håper dere vil i det minste se frem til reisebrev og tross alt se postivt på fremtiden.

    Gattina said:

    Sounds quiet interesting ! There is so much to see in the Northern countries. If only they had the weather of South Italy ! Or Egypt or whatever but warm ! The global warming has turned to a global cooling or global watering.

    Ginnie said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you have set up your site, LC. You are so very creative. I have heard about you often while over at Renny’s blog but this is my first time to check you out. THANK YOU for taking the initiative. :)

    claudie said:

    My prefered pictures: Mr. L. playing piano and the rose!
    Pierre can’t wait hearing him playing piano! Now we have one at home and every day P. plays even if he never took lessons!!!:-)
    Nice to read you on my blog! I miss you and B. so much! If you surf on it you can read my respond!

    Sandy B said:

    Water, food, music? Count us in! Great combination…

    Ola said:

    it looks so cosy!

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