Today we were out on a wonderful roadtrip out on the islands called Mälaröarna nearby Stockholm – passing Drottningholms Palace and beyond. Munsö and the ferry over to Adelsö too. The weather was simply gorgeous, so much spring in the air!

Yes, photos were taken, some of the photos I took from my iPhone are already uploaded to Facebook and can be seen there.

We were out sightseeing a bit with Jane, that just have come home from a shorter trip to Rio de Janeiro, which she loved so much that she might to go back very soon.

Wanna see photos? You have to wait a bit for them because tonight when I were going to fix some photos, my computer were infected and is not working so well right now.

And on top of that my iPhone got some problem I need to figure out too – problems seldom comes alone, do they? Arrrggghhh…

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    Ahhhh…. it’s spring already in Europe. I would love to look at the photos, especially a picture of the Palace. We don’t have any palace here in Singapore.

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