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Rethymno is a truly beautiful and serene place. I had the good fortune of working in that city for several summers, studying ancient pottery (from an archaeological survey in the area) in the museum housed in the old Turkish prison across from the fortezza (the Venetian citadel).

My greatest pleasure in those days was when I was sent to buy food for the small team of students I was part of. After crouching over innumerable ceramic crumbs for hours on end, the lunch run was a welcome diversion. I used to steal a few minutes here and there, just to add variety to my stroll towards one of the local bakeries by walking up or down a different lane each time.

The size of Rethymno’s unspoilt Venetian Old Town is staggering, and it’s really worth walking its lanes one by one. There are literally hundreds of medieval houses, ranging from basic and functional dwellings to veritable palazzos, but always incorporating the fine sense of proportions and aesthetics that appears to have distinguished the Venetians.

The greatest pleasure of Venetian Rethymno must be its elaborate doorways. Nearly every house has a beautifully stone-carved portal, either leading straight to the interior, or to a little courtyard. For a first impression look here:

So, you should go to Rethymno, and you should take your time to explore at leisure….

By: Rachel Rachel Fri, 08 Mar 2013 06:51:43 +0000 You still have those hearts! haha cute! <3 Anyways, I do agree that Rethymnon does offer the serenity and romantic views anyone is looking for in a holiday vacation. There are plenty of beach hotels which offer the best service and great experience of the city. Best time to walk is always at night.