Lifecruisers red light mind
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Tuesday was my first day for ages that I didn’t have any post up.

I experienced a kind of red light in my mind. In double meaning. Total post block in my mind and totally feeling with my heart.

A lot of Love in the air :-) As usual you might add, butt this was special!

You see, we had an anniversery. 1st of May 2004 was the day when Mr Lifecruiser went down on his knees and proposed to me. And it was in Paris…. Oh la la!

(Read more about our Love here)

Something else touching our hearts: Hootin’ Anni have had problems with a galopping heart rate the last week. I do hope that they’ll find out what it is and cure it soon!!!

Hop over and leave her some love from the cruisers – though I had problems leaving a comment since Blogger still won’t let me ;-(

I’m so looking forward to see Antwerpen as soon as Gattina is ready to guide us!!!

Captain Lifecruiser

UPDATE: As a cruise bonus you just have to visit Claudies hometown! It’s a little town in Provence (south of France), called Ollioules near Marseille.

Lifecruiser lifering

Wednesday port: Antwerpen, Belgium.
Host: Gattina.

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19 Comments on “Red light in my mind”

    MamaDuck UNITED STATES said:

    Oh, that is just so sweet!!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Wow how romantic ! in Paris and on the knees, lol I don’t even remember when we decided to marry it just was done. But we can be proud that we survived as a couple for 38 years ! Most of our friends are long divorced. Even our son said (when he was about 10) “you are not a normal couple, why don’t you get divorced ?” I think the poor boy had so many kids in his class who could go one weekend to dad and the rest stay with their mums and of course they took advantage. Poor Dario had to stay WITH mom and dad. How awful !

    BTW in Antwerp I also visited the Zoo because it is quite special with quite some exotic architecture for the cages. It would have been too long to put it in “Antwerp” so I thought I could post it on Saturday. Any objection ?? I felt in love with an orang utan and the Elephants !

    green tea said:

    Wow that’s is very romantic!

    Now my brain is storming with ideas :)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I have to say that Antwerp surprised me too ! time was far to short to see everything, but I intend to go back there. I haven’t been there at least for 30 years and it has changed a lot ! You know why the buildings are so similar to dutch buildings, it’s because this part belonged to Holland before 1830.
    It’s still very sunny here and the weathermen don’t understand anything anymore. Since the weather was noted I guess in 184something it has never happened that it didn’t rain for a month and the sun is shining as if it was payed for it ! It’s a little cooler “only” 23° !

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, that is quite an achievement too, to stay married for so long!

    I’m looking forward to Saturday!!! Going to the Zoo – how wonderful, I haven’t been to one for a long time and I love animals :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Aha, that’s why it was that resemblance!

    You know, no worries about the weather – I can book a flight over to Belgium and you’ll have bad weather at once! *giggles*

    (Remember my bad weather curse? *lol*)


    Happy Anniversary! How romantic! :-D

    Debbie said:

    Ohh and anniversary! And it sounds like it was spent in love all over. We have one soon also and after 7 years I still feel as if we are on our honeymoon.

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Very sweet. Happy 2nd anniversary on your proposal.

    Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom) UNITED STATES said:

    How very romantic. Happy anniversary of proposal. Paris wonderfully lovely and romantic. Thanks for sharing and Happy WW. I will pray and go over to Hootin ‘ Anni

    Have a wonderful week

    Angel Mama

    When do I get to go on a cruise???LOL The clothes I have are astounding…LOL

    Friday's Child said:

    Happy Anniversary. That red color is my favorite. I like that kind of red.
    thanks for the visit.

    mar SPAIN said:

    Happy anniversary!!
    red is the color of passion :)

    Bridget said:

    I love it!! Happy WW.

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    What IS that? I’ve been staring at it trying to figure it out…. Oh! I forgot to email you! I’m going to go do that RIGHT NOW! Get ready! Heeeeeeere I come!!!

    Chris @ Real Horses UNITED STATES said:

    Neat picture and very interesting blog.

    Happy WW!

    Starrlight UNITED STATES said:


    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    May Day in Paris with your man on his knees – no wonder there is a lot of love in the air! Congrats!!
    Off to Antwerpen:-)

    Angie UNITED STATES said:

    Happy Anniversary! and thank you for adding me on the Tackle It Tuesday blogroll.


    I never hear a so lovely story here with French men! North men seems to be so romantic!
    Is that possible?!
    Weather is very bad now in Provence! It’s raining!
    A big rain! And tomorrow I work! And I just looked the two candidates for the presidence at tv: Ségolène Royal against Sarkosy!
    Ségolène said she wants to be as good as Angela Merkel in Germany.
    i had a very beautiful time by Gattina in Antwerp and want to see the zoo!
    Have nice dreams!

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