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This year I was up in Washington and I rented a car and a Garmin Nuvi. It really saved me a lot of headache as I had to cover a large swath of land I”d never been to before. The 760 is a really good model. I came home and bought a lesser one –it’s still good, but not nearly as good as the 760.

As for Xmas presents, I’ve finished my shopping! We didn’t buy much this year, and since I tend to buy things on sale or discounted I go when the selection is good. So all I have to do is decorate once December 20 comes around!


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By: Hootin' Anni Hootin' Anni Fri, 21 Nov 2008 13:35:50 +0000 Hi Captain!!!

Oh yes….spending money…what a glorious feat. LOL
Actually, why worry? Spending is good…afterall you can’t take it with you when you die…so, spend it girlfriend!!!!

By: Lifecruiser Lifecruiser Fri, 21 Nov 2008 11:28:55 +0000 @Ling: There were no underwear that fitted my strange body (lol) OR that were attractive enough. Too much strange colors, patterns or materials. I want it all :-) When it comes to socks, well, let’s just say that we got totally distracted…. *giggles*

By: Mar Mar Fri, 21 Nov 2008 09:28:53 +0000 Glad you relied on your instinct rather than asking moi for driving directions while in Barcelona :oops:
Going out always means spending money, somehow…if not shopping then it is eating or drinking or both, lol.
Have a wonderful weekend :cool:

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By: MadMadMargo MadMadMargo Fri, 21 Nov 2008 02:23:01 +0000 Great post! Thanks for the reminder, I’d better get crackin’. Bon voyage! :cool:

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By: Ling Ling Fri, 21 Nov 2008 01:24:14 +0000 I can understand that you spend a lot when you go shopping. But why didn’t you buy the socks and underwear? :)

By: Comedy Plus Comedy Plus Fri, 21 Nov 2008 00:18:27 +0000 You sound just like us. We tend to spend too much too. Oh well, sometimes you just have to. Have a great day. :)

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