Make Love

There is not enough of true Love in this world.

Valentine is an important part of promoting Love, but we will not forget that every day around the year.

Valentine is a great day – it should be like that every day!

There is so many ways that we can show our Love, not only for our partner but for all of our near ones. There is so little effort needed and the result are so huge.

We will never forget to say the magical words. It’s more important that the words are said spontaneous than the amount of times we say it.

No one wants to hear them like they’re reeled off like a homework, we’re trying to visualize our feelings from the bottom of our heart in to the words and in our eyes – or we don’t say it at all.

There is too much rage, hate and envy around us – why bother to waste our precious time and energy to something so self destructive? That’s only to keep ourselves in a hurting box.

We don’t bother about what all the others are doing, we don’t expect to get Love before we’re giving it ourselves. We have started to spread Love around us and we’ll see the results of it. It’s like a smile, if we smile to people they smile back.

There isn’t such thing as too much Love.

Sure, sometimes there is one or two that isn’t open for our Love, but that’s their lost. We can never force some one to feel Love, it’s just something that hit us!

Things said about Love that we just nod yes too:

“Love as you would die today”. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

“Love is stimulation for the heart during simultaneous local anaesthesia of the intelligence”. (Guitry, Sacha)

“Love is a irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”. (Robert Frost)

“When Love isn’t madness it isn’t Love”. (Pedro Calderòn de la Barca)

“Love doesn’t see with the eyes but with the soul”. (William Shakespeare)

“If Love is an illusion – then to hell with the reality”. (Elsa Gress )

“The cure for all blunders, the cure for blindness, the cure for crime is Love…..” (Emerson)

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost”. (G.K. Chesterton)

NOTE: Pure Mood has put up an excellent contest for Valentine. Make sure you go there before Feb 4th and make your own contribute!

Do you have some other ways to promote Love?

4 Comments on “Promoting Love with Valentine”

    martin said:

    SHIT! whoops, I said it again!

    Thanks for popping by Mrs.Lifecruiser, like your story about the fun fair, I can just imagine it!

    Can I say it one more time?


    There, that feels better!

    Bye for now!!!!


    Lifecruiser said:

    Such lovely words from you Martin!

    We love you too ;-)

    pm said:

    I agree – too much hate, envy, rage…

    Some of those quote are really nice… I enjoy quotes.

    Thanks for linkin’ to my contest. I rec’d over 50 entries when I posted it and wasn’t expectin’ such a good turn out – I am pleased. There were some great answers – being judge is hard!

    As far as Valentines… I don’t really use it to promote love. I think it’s just a day for an excuse, really. I am not sure why, really. I think because I feel people should show their love and gestures without a calendar telling them so….

    Lifecruiser said:

    Wow, the contest really is a success then, that’s good :-)

    Yes, we wish people would do that – showing the same love every day. Wouldn’t it be nice with such a loving world around us….


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