In April 2004 we took a last minute trip to Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal. We got placed at a hotel in Monte Gordo, 58 km east from the airport Faro, very near the border to Spain.

When going there with the travel agency’s hired mini bus, we could see how different Portugal was for us. The soil were all red, red, red. Wonderful colors for our winter tired eyes.

To buy a last minute charter ticket really can be hazardous when it comes to the location and hotel arrangement, so one has to be prepared to the worst. We stayed at hotel Alba, just 400 m from the beach.


This was a very ordinary three star apartment hotel, but what can you expect at the low price? 2.300 SEK = 247 Euro = 362 dollar for flight and hotel for one week with the Swedish travel agency Fritidsresor.

Monte Gordo was a very small town when we were there, it might have grown since then. We saw most of the town rather fast. The main shopping street there wasn’t much to be excited over. This is an excellent town to go if you wanted a calm, peaceful vacation.


When we arrived the first day it was excellent weather, so we headed out on the beach at once, enjoying the sun against our winter pale skins.


Though as usual, my bad weather curse did strike, so the rest of the week were a bit colder and cloudier. Not exactly sunbathing or swimming conditions, but we didn’t mind since we love to just take walks along the beach too.


Monte Gordo has the most excellent beach, very long and with the finest sand quality. I love to stroll at beaches and this one also had a lot of different sea shells and other interesting findings. I can do that for hours, totally forgetting about my back problems. The sea is the most peaceful experience I know of. Well, except from…. *giggles*


There also were some local fishermen with their boats on the beach. I like to see the locals, it feels more like experiencing the real life at the location then and not just tourists spaces.


There wasn’t much to do in the evenings though. There was one place we visited frequently that had live music performances and the most delicious Cappuccino which we never could resist. This bar is called Bar 42 Algarve and is located on Avenida Infante Dom Henrique.

They even have a Casino at the beach area, but we never went there. Not enough romance in that perhaps? *giggles*

One evening we went to the restaurant Vicius, located in a side street off the main square, Rua Goncalves Zarco, with really good grilled meat and with a friendly, cozy atmosphere. This was the only restaurant there that made any sort of staying impression on us.


The reason for us going there was simply because the owner was a really joyful, social and serviceminded and told us that he was going to held a special evening there with the most traditional music event.


Ever heard of Fado before? That’s Portugals most famous soul music, really special and wonderfully romantic, though a bit melancholy. Origin from the early 19th century.


This evening there included both Portuguese guitar players, singers and some small dishes – a taste of Portugal – served between the songs, which means that it was going on until morning. (I really recommend that you get a siesta during the day if you ever plan to go to a Fado evening!)

The other reason for the deep impression on us, was that we had one of our most romantically loaded moment in that restaurant. We don’t know why it happened right there. It was very romantic with the Fado, but it wasn’t just that. I guess we we’re just ready for it after have known each other for 3 months.


You see, it was here we both realized just how very much we really love each other. Suddenly it felt like we were alone in this small intimate restaurant, the others ceased to exist for us. The air was so loaded with love that no one, and I really mean no one, could NOT have noticed that!

You know, that kind of moment when your whole throat is filled up from your heart with love? If it hadn’t been so crowded and so little space over I seriously thought that Mr Lifecruiser should propose to me right there. I still can feel it…

Such a wonderful memory! *sigh*

Next post will be about one of the excursions we made from there, so stay tuned…

View our Monte Gordo photos slideshow.

Captain Trips Lifecruiser

25 Comments on “Portugal trip: Monte Gordo”

    Dianne said:

    what lovely photos, even cool and cloudy looks wonderful. I actually enjoy cool and cloudy days – nice contrast. You look amazing in that photo.

    Dianne’s last blog post..Heads or Tails Tuesday: The Letter P

    Monte Gordo in Portugal « Cyber Cruisers said:

    [...] Portugal trip: Monte Gordo [...]

    Misty Dawn said:

    Your posts always make me want to go pack my bags!

    Misty Dawn’s last blog post..Small Business Loans

    Caledonia said:

    Looks like a lovely place! Did you know Alba is the Gaelic name for Scotland *is full of useless info* :cool:

    Caledonia’s last blog post..Lost and Found

    Skittles said:

    I love reading about you travels and adventures. You do things most of us only dream of. :)

    Skittles’s last blog post..An Award

    Sanni said:

    Monte Gordo looks lovely – thanks for taking us on that cruise, Captain!

    Now, let´s forget about Portugal :wink:
    You both are so blessed to have each other. That adorable picture of yours is so loaded with love ♥ – We´re so happy for you!


    Sanni’s last blog post..Happy Birthday, Mo!

    Gattina said:

    I have very nice souvenirs from Algarve too. My son’s godmother and her husband are portuguese and have a big Restaurant near Faro. So I stayed with them for 10 days and it’s true I was so surprised by this wonderful red rocks along the beach !

    snes said:

    great photos I have been to the Algave several times (going again in September) mainly because the Portugese are amongst the friendliest people in Europe


    Looks like a beautiful place worth exploring. Thank you for sharing these lovely spots.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Car Rental in Israel


    wow that’s a beautiful place that you have been!

    would love to visit it one day and taste their wine

    claudie said:

    I love fado! Portugal is a nice destination. I’m not surprise you discovered your love each other at this place. It is a so romantic place. I come back on the scene after three days without internet connection. i’m so glad to come back !

    claudie’s last blog post..Memories of Ireland

    Andrée said:

    I lived in the Azores for a year! I loved it. Smelling flowers in the air, the food, the whole thing was wonderful! My HoT is here, thank you.


    Lovely pictures and beautiful account of your trip and your special moment!

    A slightly more upbeat and bigger place but with a similarly lovely stretch of sand {punctuated with charming rocks} is Praia da Rocha in Portimão.

    I hope you have more special moments !

    algarve_holiday’s last blog post..Festival of Medieval Music of the Al-Andaluz in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

    TorAa said:

    Dear Mrs Lifecruiser,
    it seems like we have been very close to each other without at that time haven’t the the clue of eache other. We were in Tavira.
    Thanks for sharing wonderful moments from a country we do adore: Portugal.

    ps. Anna and me are mid between ARL, CPH and OSL.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – February 19 – 2007

    Chase Ravndal said:

    Awww that is soo lovely! I love the photos and of course the beaches!

    Chase Ravndal’s last blog post..Happy Birthday To Me!!!

    Kango Ling said:

    Great pics, captain. Especially the last one. You look fabulous in the black dress. Your hubby would be an idiot not to fall head over heels when you look like that. :grin:

    Kango Ling’s last blog post..Los Angeles Recession – Budget Travel & 99c Specials

    DianeCA said:

    Things that make me go ahhhhhhhh!! :roll: Just looking at those lovely pics makes me wanna take off right now!! Beautiful beaches as well as a country with good food, good wine, and SOUL!! Thanks for sharing!

    DianeCA’s last blog post..Update on Darfur

    Mar said:

    That was a very good deal for one week! I have been to Tavira but missed TorAa :(
    Your pictures are wonderful , as always!

    Mar’s last blog post..lunar fascination

    Mark said:

    Thanks for warm post! What’s temperature now in Portugal?

    Mark’s last blog post..Bellini, a Boscolo First Class Hotel

    Holidays In 360 said:

    It looks very similar to Puerto Banus in the Costa del Sol. I’m very tempted to book a holiday after seeing your great pictures. :grin:

    MyIkram said:

    So jealous of you.huhu..

    I wish someday, i also get an oppurtunity to go there. .


    Fada music sounds interesting and if it has the romantic effect then I’ll have to try and find some on CD. I could use some romance in my life too.

    Traveler said:

    i haven’t been Monte Gordo but i went to Sintra in 2003.. What a lovely country and people.. Thanks for the great photos,,


    Beautiful photos.
    The city of Algarve is wonderful!


    Umm… Algarve is not a city but a region with several cities. All charming and beautiful! Visit us!

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