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We did another daytrip on our Portugal trip to Monte Gordo besides the one to Tavira. This time to the Andalusian town Ayamonte in Spain, which is right at the other side of the Portugal border.

We only had to go to the next town, Vila Real de Santo António about 5 minutes away by taxi, which was a nice little town too. We had a fast shopping tour there, but didn’t find anything.


From there we only had to catch a ferry to Spain which takes about 20 minutes. It was cheap, both the taxi and the ferry and it went over quite frequently, so we only had to wait for a little while.



Guadiana River is 778 kilometers long and drains an area of about 67,000 square kilometers and has nearly two thousand dams. It’s the second longest river in Europe and flows into the Gulf of Cadiz, which is a part of the Atlantic Ocean.


There are also a more modern way, a bridge in the north part of the town linked to the motorway between Portugal and Spain, but of course we had to take this nice ferry ride.


Ayamonte is a small old fishing town which felt wonderfully Spanish with more shops, bars and restaurants than in Monte Gordo, so no wonder it’s such a popular destination.


There are wonderful old medieval quarter in the central district of the town, with many very narrow streets and historical buildings. There were very attractive cobbled plazas, lined with trees and restaurants and bars.


Once again we could see all those beautiful and interesting mosaic work, just look at these two photos!!!



Claudie asked me about the food in one of the other Portugal posts. Well, this was in 2004 and it was one of our first longer trips together, so we hadn’t started to take the photographing as serious as we do now. I remember though that Ayamonte had many excellent seafood dishes.

Besides that, you already know that we often forget to take photos of the food because we’re so hungry and just throw ourselves at the food…. *giggles*

I found this short video taken from the air over Ayamonte, which gives you a glimpse of how it looks in real life - and how small the ferry is that we went with. Cute I think!

When I stumbled over that video, I also could see that Ayamonte obviously is holding quite many music events and the popular young singer Maria Isabel is from Ayamonte.

The one thing that we regret now afterwards, was that we didn’t go to the beach area of Ayamonte, Isla Canela, which is about 5 minutes away drive from Ayamonte city area. It’s reached by a causeway across the Marismas del Guadiana. These salt marshes are a wildlife reserve where you have the opportunity to spot some waterfowls like flamingos and herons.

Isla Canela has several kilometers of sandy beaches popular by both windsurfers and kitesurfers - and most certainly me! There are also quality golf courses where of one is built into the Marismas itself. That would for sure interest Mr Lifecruiser!

Now to the news: we might be able to go to Isla Canela some day soon, because as it looks like right now, we’re heading for Spain in the upcoming week, somewhere between the 27th of February and the 1st of March. More info comes later.

Lifecruiser is going on a trip again! *smiling from ear to ear*

Lifecruiser Ayamonte photo slide show.

Captain Trips Lifecruiser

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    [...] Lifecruiser Portugal trip: Ayamonte Spain [...]

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    Thanks again for another great tour! Loved the pictures and especially the video -even though I don’t understand Spanish, it was a really neat video to watch.

    Jeni Hill Ertmer’s last blog post..Behind The Scenes

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    TorAa SWEDEN said:

    Thanks for sharing such great memories.
    Why did you not tell us before went to Tavira only some years (5) ago? Grrr. *giggles*-

    Rivers? Longest?

    Waterfalls? See here the list of the worlds 10 highest:


    have great time

    TorAa’s last blog post..Mariestad - in short

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    Kuanyin said:

    Checking back in to see where you’re at and what you’re up to! Wow…cool trip you’re on! Some health issues derailed me for a bit, and so I cut back on my blogging to attend to ME! I’m feeling better now, but taking it slow with the computers. :-) Happy to see you’re out and about and having fun in the Spring!

    Kuanyin’s last blog post..Obama-mania and Autism Breakthrough

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    claudie FRANCE said:

    The slide show and the video are beautiful! I really like the typic architecture! So now i think we will know more about the food during your futur trip! You know all cruisers are hungry on the ship! And the atmosphere too! i know people in Spain like doing fiesta all the night! Olé! There is a nice atmosphere tonight in Mariestad! I saw cruisers who took good time together!

    claudie’s last blog post..A relax weekend.

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    I hope you get to go. It’s looks like grand fun. Thanks for including the video. It really helped to see how things really look. Have a great day. :)
    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Little Johnny on Fat

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    DianeCA NORWAY said:

    Portugal is so lovely…and that mosiak tile work plus the flower pictures under it…the colors are just fantastic!! It looks so warm and sunny, not grey and windy like it is here!!! I wanna go! :???:
    DianeCA’s last blog post..Out of the closet!! I support Clinton

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    Sanni GERMANY said:

    *singing* My bags are packed, I´m ready to go…
    … on a Portugal trip with Captain LC!

    Hope you don´t mind I´ve included your trip to Monte Gordol into my Sunday Suggestions -

    Happy weekend!

    Sanni’s last blog post..Sunday Suggestions: Coffee Talk

  • 9

    I liked the mosaic. I want to do some sort of mosaic in our garden at some point. It was easy to find your post now that I am trying to use Twitter a little more. :-)
    thebluestbutterfly’s last blog post..Vigil at the Top

  • 10

    Really hope I can get a chance to visit spain..

    loved the pict n video ! Very nice..

  • 11
    Hillary UNITED STATES said:

    What am amazing trip. I’ve always wanted a chance to visit Spain or Portugal.

    Hillarys last blog post..A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton

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