If anyone is wondering WHY we are playing around so often at pokersites, here is the answer…. *LOL*

“Several recent studies have shown that mental and physical exercise throughout life may significantly reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Mental exercises such as crossword puzzles, brain teasers, chess, or card games help keep the mind working in top shape. This helps build what is called a cognitive reserve. Formal education also helps build a person’s cognitive reserve. In fact, each year of education reduces a person’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s by an average of 17%. Scientists believe this is because people with a large cognitive reserve are better able to adapt to neurons that are killed by the disease. The more neural connections you have, the longer it takes for the disease to make a significant impact.

It’s important to note that mental exercise cannot do much help once Alzheimer’s has already set in. A person must have a lifetime commitment to learning in order to build up their cognitive reserve. It is probably not possible to completely prevent the disease in genetically susceptible people, but it is possible to delay the onset by long enough that it will not occur in the person’s lifetime”.

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2 Comments on “Poker prevents Altzheimers”

    CaptainJeff UNITED STATES said:

    Well… good thing yer out playing poker then. However… are you able to play it against each other? Is it for real money? I sense… a tingling… in my spider force sensors…


    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Hmmmmm…. Got your point there. To be on the safe side (?) we are only playing strip poker against each other ;-)

    That is our definition of safe 6. *LOL*

    Of course, I let Mr Lifecruiser win all the time just to keep him in good mood. I will be freezing and then he must warm me up…. (Women tricks :-)

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