There have been some really nasty thunderstorm here one night, it went on for several hours and it was raining one day. They said that it was the biggest for a long time now. Of course – I was here with my weather spell on me! *lol*

Other from that it has been quite good weather – if I dare to say that?! We have been taking daily walks an really just relax in the sun.

Went to a couple of shopping centers too, found some jeans and shirts but we are not done with the shopping yet! We must have some more clothes to put on us.

It has been really nice to visit all the relatives here, they all live very well here and are so nice to us. We get spoiled with a lot of good dinners, oh my, maybe we must shop for bigger clothes soon…

Yesterday we went to the Niagara Falls, by bus. They have this good offer, $25 for the trip and then you got a card with $20 to play in the casino and $5 to get some food. There were us and a bunch of oldies. We really did fit in the group…. *not*

We had to go up early in the morning so we did most of our sleep on the bus there. Did see some nice scenery on the way too.

Then we hit the Seneca casino there. That is a big one. Playing around in the Niagara area for sure. Did not win big though, did not play enough we think. You should see the pokerroom there, it was full of players.

The buffet lunch was fantastic, there is nothing to complain about there, so much different food and desserts to choose between!

And the Niagara falls! What can we say other than it was really magificent! Fantastic, some really great falls! It look almost unreal with that big rainbow over it. Maybe the treasure at its end was were the casino was?!

Our only concern was how to be able to take pictures from all angles when it was water dropping from all over. The wind brought a lot of waterdrops like it was raining.

At 56 metres (180 ft) high, the American Falls is slightly higher than its Canadian counterpart. Its crestline is 328 metres (1075 ft) wide. We never went over to the Canadian part which was a pity.

They say that The American Falls look spectacular at night, when it is lit with various combinations of coloured lights, so we want to go there some other time and stay over the night.

So we really recommend to go there, but to stay for a night and even go over to the Canadian side of it. Maybe even take the boat trip to really be able to see it close! That would be something!

Read about Niagara Falls here

4 Comments on “Playing at The Niagara Falls”

    Mandy said:

    Oh now Niagara Falls is one place I’d so love to visit. One day when I’ve won the lottery, I may just make that trip :)

    Sounds like you’re enjoying yourselves!

    candoor said:

    I lived just south of Niagara Falls for a couple of years in the late nineties… didn’t play poker there though, working way too much for anything else… bittersweet memories…

    Dawn said:

    I’ve only ever been on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and yes, the American side all lit up really is something else completely. Make sure ya go see it. It’s well worth the visit!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Mandy: enjoying the niagara falls, but the rest was not quite as we expected it to be, do not know if we saw so much more, sadly enough. We will come back to the report of the trip.

    Candoor: Working to much is never a good thing, you have to live your life instead of working your life away… Hope you do that now instead :-)

    Dawn: We will go there again some other time when we have planned our trip ourselves!

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