If you have been following Lifecruiser, you know by now that we’ve been talking about doing a long Europe trip later this year – by car from around the center of Sweden to the southern France. Now we have been very busy the last week with a more detailed planning….

We’re taking our own car, departure from Stockholm and continue down in Europe, passing through a lot of countries along the way.

On the way down in Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France.

On the way home in Europe: France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France (yes, again!) Germany, Denmark, Sweden.

We did discuss the possibility to drive through Hungary, Slovakia and Poland too, but decided not to. It’s enough, we can’t take in more in this short time span, then we would have to stay away for months rather than weeks… lol…

On the way down we have some stops to make – having meetups with Ginnie and Astrid in the Netherlands and maybe Gattina in Belgium, to finally get to the planned meetup in Provence with Claudie and Pierre, and the Norwegians: Tor and Anna, Renny and Diane.

Since it’s in Europe’s high summer holiday season, we decided to actually make bookings in advance for once, to plan a bit ahead where to stay and what to do there. Some places we stay a couple of days to explore more.

It takes time to draw the perfect route on the map, to research for places to stay overnight – not too expensive, not too cheap – and in the right places along the route. Many days of fun seeing all those fantastic places and you wish you could stop at them all!

We will tell you a little bit more soon when the route is completely done – almost anyway, because a trip route never can be completely done in my point of view…

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    Ginnie said:

    Let us know WHEN, LCT, and we will plan on it! Here in Gorinchem you have a place to stay, in one of the 2 guestrooms here at our senior-living complex. But we’ll need to reserve the room for you, as soon as you know when. We already have a friend coming at the beginning of October, so hopefully there won’t be a conflict. But how exciting to think we’ll finally get a chance to meet you. YAY!


    I assume that you’re going on a long trip so I suggest that you bring along a first aid kit for you never know what might happen and its good to be prepared at all times. Have a safe trip!


    I agree to what Stephen Adams has been said. You really dont know what will happen next so being prepared will make things easier. Have a safe travel.

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