Some people don’t want to make an effort when planning a trip. For me that is not understandable. After all: planning the trip is half the fun! I can spend many hours to compare holiday prices if I can see that it helps to lower the price for the trip.

If you are a real travel freak like me, it’s almost like a hobby to search for great travel deals everywhere… I have a list with travel destinations that I wish to go to which I always check for deals for – and even am subscribed to newsletter about.

I start to search and compare different flight deals and when I find a great deal for any of my dream destinations I note it down and search for accommodation deals for that destination too. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not, but the thing is: I also learn a lot along the way.

One time I had real problems finding anything, it was like it was impossible to stop the trip planning, the searching and comparing never seemed to stop. Of course I finally found something, but it really took many, many hours!

You never get anything for free: knowledge and skill is needed to build up, but you can come a long way with the right tools and/or websites that is really traveler-friendly. Or the right social network friends – the ones with extended travel experience and who does not mind sharing it with you. Ask around.

Don’t forget to count in all the different costs of the trip, it can be all sorts of costs: luggage or other fees with different airlines, transport to/from airports if it is far away, car rentals, breakfast, dinner or other things that are included or not.

In another of my related posts, you can read how I have learned how to find the cheapest flights. You might find something useful there too.

How long time do you have patience to search for and compare holiday prices? Any favorite tools you use?

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2 Comments on “Planning a holiday: search and compare prices”

    Gattina said:

    I found price and quality with Neckermann. I do all my travels with them and never was disappointed. Once at the airport they take everthing in hand and I start my holidays without worries !
    Have a nice Christmas !!

    rebecca said:

    i used to find any recommended holiday accommodation trough tripadvisor, although i understand that some reviews are scam

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